Kamen Rider W Character Book: Akuma to Ainori

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Kamen Rider W Character Book: Akuma to Ainori

Post by Raida|23 »

I've just got it in the mail, and while I was glancin at it I thought that maybe it could interestin to actually translate some of the interviews with cast/suit actors/producers.


My only problem is that I do not know japanese. In this particular case, it's a big problem :-(
So, basically I'm askin if there's someone interested to work on it. I can provide hi-res scans of the parts I mentioned above, but is someone out there that would like to do it? Because yes, it would be nice, but it'll also be a lot of work to do it, especially for the one that could translate it.

Anyway, if this sparkled your interest PM me for talkin about this.
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