Shows Requiring New Mirrors (updated April 15, 2012)

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Shows Requiring New Mirrors (updated April 15, 2012)

Post by XIII »

Ok, so I thought I'd try something new for this section and have a thread to advertise which episodes of shows need new mirrors, since I'm currently unable to upload anything and when I do have the ability, it can take some time for me to get around to it; this might be easier for people to see what needs uploading and try to get a few new uploaders on board so we dont have to rely on just a couple of people all the time.

Now a couple of things,

Don't post links in this thread, post them in the correct one; just leave a note saying you have uploaded X so others can see its been taken care of.

Don't post requests for anything or report anything that is dead, do that in the correct thread, I will update this with new requests, its saves having a thread with a ton of dead link posts.

If uploading, the prefered mirror is Jumbofiles and Sendspace, and we'd prefer them in this format as it the most versitile DDL provider.

Don't demand a to be uploaded, because you will be frowned upon if you do so.

DDL rules still apply in this thread.

This is only a trial to see how well it can work; if it just turns into a debical I will just close this.
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