Rules for Submiting Links (updated September 16, 2012)

For submitting new links AND NOTHING ELSE. Keep discussion in the discussion forums. Use the Broken Links forum for notifying broken links. Only DDL Uploaders may post in the general DDL Forum
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Rules for Submiting Links (updated September 16, 2012)

Post by XIII » Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:35 am

With the recent calamity with storage lockers, here are a few rules you will need to follow when you want to help submit a link to TV-Nihon. Please help out if you can, because it will help out distribution for a while and that will be greatly appreciated.


1- If there isn't a thread on the show you want to submit links for, create a new topic for submitting links for the show. One thread for each show; multiple threads will be merged.

2- No asking for uploads. DDL Links are generously provided by fans; if they want to help upload, then there will be a link. If not, don't keep asking about it.

3- Episode titles are not to be posted as per the no spoiler rule. Don't mention anything about the episodes when you submit your link either.

4- When you submit a link in a thread, do not just simply re-edit your previous post, because the DDL Moderators will not immediately be notified about it; this can make it very difficult for us to keep track of your distribution. This is the only exception on the forums where double-posting consecutively is allowed.

5- File names MUST be what we released them as. If you renamed the file when you saved it into your computer, go to the tracker to properly rename the file if you want to help reupload with another link.

6- Do NOT upload any older versions of episodes that we've resubbed with better quality. Examples are the DVD remasters of Kamen Rider 555 and Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

7- This is obvious, but don't upload any files that aren't on the tracker, even if they might've used to be there. A good example are the licensed shows that TV-Nihon took down.

8- We don't accept folder links since we cant validate what's inside with ease.

9- No posting to private FTP server.

Here is a list of allowed DDL services, as well as a list of which service we will not accept:

Current List of Allowed Services:

Current List of Banned Services:

*** To make it easier, I have listed the services which are banned and won't be considered in the near future: ***

Fileserve and FileJungle = No file-sharing capabilities. Even if both allows file-sharing after a while, both will still be banned because we will never know when they will suddenly disable their hosting services again.

Depositfiles and Hotfile = Banned due to previous duress of authorities. Any links already submitted prior will stay, but we will no longer be accepting Depositfiles and Hotfile links.

MediaFire = Currently being targeted by the MPAA, so it is not safe to upload there anymore. Also, MediaFire restricts you from uploading any file greater than 200MB without a paid MediaPro premium account, therefore making it very inconvenient to upload any of TV-Nihon's releases besides promos, music videos, and short-specials.

Filepost, Uploading, BitShare and RapidShare = Banned due to file renames.

Jumbofiles = Files are removed way too quickly due to DMCA, so it's not even worth the effort of uploading to there.

Indowebster = The links are not private to those who uploaded it. Thus, it is very easy to steal someone else's link and get credit from it when they might not want to share it.

You will be credited for your contributions to TV-Nihon next to your file link. Remember, more links are always welcomed.

Happy sharing!

Hopefully there won't be many teething issues to this new process.

Last bumped by XIII on Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:35 am.
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