Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

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What did you think of UltraSeven X?

☆☆☆☆☆ Ultraman
☆☆☆☆ Superman
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Total votes: 17
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Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

Post by takenoko »

I liked the characters are dark gritty feel to it. A bit too episodic to be truly great, but it was a fun and short ride while it was there. Gave it a 4.
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Re: Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

Post by Catastrophe »

I like it as well. I guess maybe because I liked Nexus as well.
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Re: Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

Post by xiiliea »

I loved the mood of the series a lot, the suspense, the fights, and the overall story. Everything had a sense of epicness in it. Even though there were mostly monster-of-the-week episodes, its a short series so they didn't feel boring at all to me, and in fact were fun to watch. So I gave it 5/5.
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Re: Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

Post by oddjob »

I loved it. Can't put it any better than you did. Funny thing how the characters from the first episode that seemed to be the main antagonists of the show just died at the start. I loved the fight scenes, the music, everything.

Nexus was also an wonderful show.
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Re: Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

Post by Sentai_ZXR7 »

UltraSeven X has earned a place among other iconic Ultra Series, pitty it was too short, there was a potential to explain everything in more detail.
The actors that played Dan Moroboshi and Ann were shown briefly in the final episode.
A truly enjoyable series from start to finish!
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Re: Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

Post by dualvision1984 »

This show is truly intended to be watched in the middle night. The feeling of enjoying a "short" UItra series in the middle of the night. Good story line and some gritty dark theme. 5 out of 5 for me.
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Re: Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

Post by Kogashi »

It was so, odd that this was my first, not-dubbed experience with Ultraman. And for it to be this wonderful, strange, dark, almost Ghost In the Shell like series was likely the best (as I adored this series) and yet worse (cause it raised the bar on which I'd judge other UltraMan series too high) one to start with. 5/5
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Re: Ratings Poll: UltraSeven X

Post by Alessar »

I'm going with a 4 on this one. Overall, really great series, and I loved the futuristic high tech setting ... except when suddenly they were on normal modern Earth-looking streets. And there were a few weak spots and gaps in the series. With it being so short, I felt that was not ideal. But really enjoyed it.
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