UltraSeven X 10 released

Sh15uya II?
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UltraSeven X 10 released

Post by takenoko »

Someone's back and looking very hot. Did you figure out who the Nexus alumni guests are?

Here's a hint:
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Re: UltraSeven X 10 released

Post by SpiritAngelo »

I recognized the guy from Nexus's Prometheus proj ~
But din recognized the girl at all till I saw the photo ~
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Re: UltraSeven X 10 released

Post by Orochi_X »

Nevermind that.....Who turned that little van around in the tunnel at the begining? :? :D

I'm loving this series , though. Thanks for picking it up!
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Re: UltraSeven X 10 released

Post by Battra »

Shion Nakamaru- Played Saki (undercover girl in X) she also played Riko Saida in Nexus.

Ryuki Kitaoka- Played Haibara (Radiation Guy in X), he was TLT’s Kaimoto in Nexus.

Anyway good episode the mystery of Aqua Project deepens, as well as who ever is controlling the media. Look forward tot he final 2 episodes.
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Re: UltraSeven X 10 released

Post by KRendBlade »

After watching Sh15uya and this episode, I may never be able to look at a blimp the same way again. :?

From the picture that the Lady in White was holding near the end, it seems that she and Jin were pretty close - maybe even boyfriend and girlfriend. That might be why Jin didn't hesitate to trust her - well, that and the fact that she trusts him with the Ultra Eye.
So why has she been acting so coldly to him throughout the whole series? Maybe she has no memory of their time together (because she really is an alien, like Agents S and K believe)? Or maybe she's just acting that way to keep from getting attached again.
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Re: UltraSeven X 10 released

Post by HIDragonstar »

Great Episode!

I wish it didn't have to end so soon. The plot threads still are too confusing. I was hoping a little more gradual tying up of the plot threads, but all I get are more and more questions. The questions deepen, and the plot just gets more and more mysterious.

I wish they had more time, so the first 10 Episodes weren't so much of a 'Monster of the Week'. There were little snippets here and there in each of the episodes, but I wish they could have closed them a little more gradual.
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Re: UltraSeven X 10 released

Post by papas1992 »

thank you tv-nihon for that wonderful release!Could someone send me some photos of the male special guest of that episode,cause my sister has fallen in love with him?(what to say,life) :roll:
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