Dairanger 28 released

As promised, we would restart this show when the DVDs are out. Well, they're out now
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Dairanger 28 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

All the guest stars of the past come out as a new set of enemies appear.

So I wonder when the Dairangers going to figure out that Kou is KibaRanger. So Kazu was the only one who didn't get an illusion and got a real person even though he seems rather unimportant. I'm glad that the narrator was around to reconfirm about the status of some of the characters. For a second I thought Akomaru was still alive but the narrator confirm that he was dead. Thanks narrator.
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Re: Dairanger 28 released

Post by Battra »

Rin didn't get an illusion either she just went chasing after Kou & got caught up in the trap.

Would it not have been better for the director to use old Jin instead of new Jin? Now Ryou most likely not going to be shocked when the real Jin show's off his new found powers.
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Re: Dairanger 28 released

Post by takenoko »

I did think it was weird how they introduced Jin's powered up form in an illusion. Shouldn't Ryou be like "hey, why are you wearing that?!"
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Re: Dairanger 28 released

Post by Catastrophe »

He did say it was his new power, so he could have attributed it to that. But yeah, it was kinda strange.
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Re: Dairanger 28 released

Post by AeonRanger »

is that wierd crystal good or evil? what kind of power does it hold? so where was kazu actually from? was it england or america? seriously i thought being a hero was secretive so why do the dairangers constantly henshin in front of everyone at least kibaranger keeps his itendity secret, for now. i knew it was a bit to easy for those four major gouma to be defeated so easily hope we see a lot more of them
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Re: Dairanger 28 released

Post by underhell86 »

This was a lame episode... The Big Four are uninteresting, and they put Kou back in the story like he was not missing in the past 3 or four episodes!

At least we'll see the Kiba Ranger story-arc advance a little.
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