Goseiger Returns released

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Re: Goseiger Returns released

Post by Catastrophe »

I think the issue is that it followed Shinkenger and is followed by Gokaiger, which are two great series. Most people that watched it while it aired probably weren't that hot on it and then don't recommend it to people who are asking for series suggestions.

Great suit designs, great mecha, pretty cool team and rotating villains was a nice idea.

Music is pretty good for the most part as well. Gosei Great Advent is a top tier theme.
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Re: Goseiger Returns released

Post by takenoko »

Could be. I was rereading my post for the thread and going "Man, I sure don't sound angry the way I sometimes am lately". At the time, I'm sure I would have said Goseiger was the worst Sentai I had seen, but it didn't go out of the way to make me mad.

I dunno, three years of bad to mediocre Sentai in a row, just makes me feel worn down and like Toei doesn't care about the quality of their shows anymore.
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