Goseiger Epic 1 Released

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Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by XIII »

Its time for the 5 Gosei Angels to descend

With the power of cards the will defend the earth, just one problem, they are only Gosei Angels in training.

The theme songs are pretty darn cool this year, and the karaokes are kick ass as well.

Wasnt sure really what to expect from Goseiger, since I had ignored all the promos for it. But I have been pleasantly impressed by what I have seen so far, the outfits are cool, weapons are cool, even the concept looks cool. Also yay to space aliens returning, tis been a few years since the last ones.

Not sure on the kid sidekick, but it has worked before in other series, so hopefully he will work out cool as well.

Nice that we didnt get the giant mecha fight in the first ep, gives us something to look forward to next week.

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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Phoenix512 »

They love the Magiranger sound effects so much that they had to reuse them for Goseiger.
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Squall »

After seeing this start, I'm now wanting for a episode that shows when they first get their powers.

So-so episode in my opinion.

I do like that Red isn't the leader of this series [it's so apparent with him losing his card in the first episode! xD]
Awesome how they used the intro song for the first fight, completely made it more memorable. Usually they wait a few episodes to start kicking ass to the theme.
I rolled my eyes with the lame ED. I totally would have preferred a dance number to them around a tree. >.<
Space cockroaches! WIN!

And very nice Karaoke TVN! I'm really diggin it.
Here's to another great year of Sentai!
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by takenoko »

Yeah, I have to admit the Shinkenger episode 1 didn't really impress me either, but at least I felt like I knew something about the characters. It really feel like nothing really interesting happened in episode 1 of Goseigers

Plus, I'm super disappointed that we don't see them leaving Gosei World and arriving on Earth. Having them explain it to the kid was just bad storytelling

Hopefully it'll get more interesting now that the exposition is out of the way. I mean, the characters are good looking and I like the designs
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Fobo911 »

takenoko wrote:the characters are good looking
I haven't watched the whole episode, but I skimmed through the OP and ED (which are pretty catchy, especially the ED), and my sister couldn't help but comment immediately upon seeing each of the Goseigers, mainly, "the black's hawwwwwt." If she wants to watch with me, then she better not say that every single time (because I'm sure she thinks that every time).

I'll post more of my thoughts later.
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Alkaid »

Phoenix512 wrote:They love the Magiranger sound effects so much that they had to reuse them for Goseiger.
This was the thing I noticed the most from watching the first episode. Almost kinda nostalgic at times, especially how the episode's theme music is similar with their beginnings; etc.

I do enjoy both of the opening/endings though.
The team still needs to grow on me a bit; I kept noticing more odd things like Pink's ears or how Yellow seemed to look different than the others.
I do like Blue though, for some reason.

It had a Dai/Magi flavor to it, so I'm quite curious to see what it will turn out to be like in future episodes.
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released


In the words of Little Kuriboh "I Demand a Flashback!". Well in any case it seems like the parts that they skipped out on with them leaving Gosei world and what not will require it but later on so we'll see how it builds up.

Not to impressed with Arata so far, seems kinda like a wuss but we'll see. The part where he's searching for his jacket for his card seems a lil unconvincing.

Interesting that instead of doing a individual mecha battle like a few of the sentai's did in their first episodes, we get the combined Gosei buster instead which is pretty cool.

The main villian designs look pretty neat for space aliens. Hopefully they'll be developed well like the Villains in Gekiranger and Shinkenger.

The OP is awesome, everything in the sequence matches well and NoB sounds way better here than in Boukenger's theme.

The ED reminds me of a couple the past endings combined into one, but its alright.
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by ryuzakiumi »

Got such an Asumu vibe from the kid in this episode. If Alata was older, I'd swear this was starting out like Hibiki.
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Garth »

The episode really did need a flashback. Throughout, I felt like some of the scenes were shoddily placed together because we didn't really have much to go on except for a brief explanation to Nozomu, which could only elaborate so much. But I won't drag on; I'm sure there will be a flashback in the future, as the entire story of the angels coming to Earth is such an intriguing story to tell one way or another.

Alata annoys me at times, but all in all I can see that he's very courageous, and so I chalk it up to his own attitude and personality. It's good that his other teammates balance him out quite a bit.

And as mentioned before, yes. Clearly GoseiBlue is the real leader in this scenario. At least, he seems to be the only one who really knows what the hell is going on.
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Ryuuuu »

Hmm, I agree a flashback episode would be cool! But so far i liked this first episode, i also liked alata, him being clumsy and all, he's a character i can really relate to 8) and is it just me or does GoseiBlack remind any of you of one of those twins in Fuuma no Kojiro??

Think its gonna be a cool year of sentai this year aswell
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Tuss4 »

is it me or do they have really long necks?
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by prsentai »

is it me or does gosei yellow look like kotoha a bit?
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Skyden »

For Some Stupid Reason, Gosei Yellow Makes me remember of Monkeys.....(Saru Origami comes to mind as well)
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Barim »

Certainly was decent as a first episode, nice karaoke effect as always.

Now, I've seen people talking about Dairanger/Magiranger resemblances. Allthough I'm up with TVN's releases of Dairanger, I've not seen Magiranger and so cannot mention about that. But beyond the Dragon Red Ranger and Phoenix Pink Ranger, I do not really sense anything Dairanger like.

I am getting a strong Boukenger vibe, which might in part be NoB's doing, but I'm certain the white in the suits and this mysterious "master head" also have something to do with it.

All in all, looks like the start of a new good year of Sentai.
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Re: Goseiger Epic 1 Released

Post by Deka_Hero »

I really liked this first episode. the Design of the suits is great, the card's are good Ganbaride rip-off's analog's and charaters so far seem alright. OP and ED are catchy and very Sentai.

But i do have to give the writers a exposition fail on this one, thats one half-assed way to give character background to the audience.
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