Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

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What do you think of Goseiger?

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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by KR_cRAYzy »

I just watched Goseiger for the sake of seeing Super Sentai, it wasn't so appealing as "Oh my godz I can't wait for the release!" Only until this arc started did I really get into Goseiger. So I voted meh.

Though Gosei Knight's fights never disappointed, I can't say this series was good for me if it takes 40 plus episodes to get me into the story.


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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by EndlessWaltz24 »

Idk, I think the problem here is that it seems like a lot of people started watching sentai with shinkenger, and it really turned off a lot of people with the fact that goseiger was so different from their previous season's predecessor. Personally though, I thought it was meh, because it did get better by the end of the series, but it just didn't stick out enough for me. I was definitely intrigued by Alata's attitude (the guy's a very bipolar character imo), but everyone else felt too one-dimensional to me. :|
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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by prsentai »

This was certainly not a bad season, but I'd rate it as the least fantastic season I've seen so far (from Dekaranger on).
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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by Battra »

It was an ok season safe is the word I would best use to describe it, they didn't reall throw any major twist or throw any major surprises out their for the viewers. Having one consistent villain throughout the series mixed in the different villains was nice, but after Warstar arc the Buredoran episodes were probably the best. Would've liked to see more done with the angel theme seemed Toei kinda kinda shied away from it until the final couple of episodes.
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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by 09MurphyM »

I liked how instead of having just one villian group, they had multiple groups. Also, the red ranger showed that he was not afraid to make gutsy moves as shown when he was fighting the brainwashed Gosei Knight.
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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by HIDragonstar »

"Meh", I just downloaded this because its a TV-Nihon release, and after watching it in its entirety put it into Archive next to Go-Onger, and haven't really watched it since. Perhaps I might be able to get back to it again and enjoy it when the full taste of Shinkenger is cleared out of my expectations.

My main problem is that it seems to... average, there aren't that many episodes that make me go 'OMG' or 'WTH'. Even writing now, nothing really stands out in my head. I can remember some cools scenes in most of the Finished Sentai that TV-Nihon has done, and this and Go-Onger have none that come to mind. A friend has told me to give Go-Onger another chance, and she's willing to help me watch it with her... (ummm.. no I"m not distracted by her feminine wiles...) but I really don't know if I can give Goseiger another chance until it too has about 2-3 series after.
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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by triple_lei »

Just finished the series the other day.

I came in expecting that I wouldn't like it as much as Shinkenger or Gokaiger, and I was right, but I still think it's great.

At first I didn't like how Alata was about as far away as you could get from the Red you would expect, but he grew on me, and I thought he was a pretty good actor too. By the end of the series I thought he was a fantastic Red.

Datas: Didn't like at first, but then liked. Wish he fought more.

Gosei Knight: Liked from the start.

Buredoran: Very interesting. You always kinda knew something was up with him... and damn if I wasn't cheering for him,too.

I liked the card concept. Well, maybe more so with how they look when things are summoned. Love those headders!

I liked the division of Skick/Landick/Seaick and those partnerings. I dunno, it made me think.

I loved those sound effects. That voice you hear when things are summoned is better than the one you hear in Shinkenger when you get the "super disc."

Opening & ending theme songs: good/very good. Not instantly great as was Shinkenger's, but I was singing along eventually.

Well OK, some of their sayings might have been a bit too wordy. Aaaand I didn't think too much of Agri... and that henshin sequence was sort of weak. But about the only thing I really didn't like was Eri's ears. :lol:
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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by kandoken »

I just finished this series last week.. can't say much really stood out. The hopes i had for the series was more along story rather than likenesses or follow-up to sentai's predecessors.. Not much variety in this series i have to say.. it was super redundant even after goseiknight, which i thought was odd. Like they'd fight a bad guy, do an epic speech, and fight in like the SAME mountain area.. this was just brought to my attention when i saw the Last epic..

(not much of a spoiler)
Alata had a JOB, which i thought was an incredible idea(late, but still cool).. They actually interacted with people, places and such rather than just chill with Nozomu and the arcade box.. This i noticed alot of in Go-onger and Bouken, and it really brings chemistry to the team, plus you get to see characters react in differently in comparison to themselves.. which i thought goseiger lacked tremendously.

One of the things I do is ask, 'can i go back to ep 1 and see a significant change in the character?'.. the answer to that was a definite LOL and no, sad to say. I loved Agri, and Buredoran/Burajira, but all i know is that they protected the planet and nothing else...

Umm, can't really expect hardcore sentai fans to NOT watch this, as i did.. if you want to see it, go for it.. to me, i love sentai, but this is not a series i'd recommend.. I'll leave it at that.

Beautiful monster designs! And Agri was awesome.
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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by Glutinus »

OK, I just finished the series, and it was so-so. I forced myself to watch the beginning and to be honest there were a few episodes where I just skipped just to see the overall episodes and then going to the next (especially the Yuuma Beast Arc, which made me think of the Orgs in Gaoranger).

Characters : not very good, there were lacking of charisma, beginning with the leader. By the end, when there was a quite good episode I finally began to like them.

For exemple : Magis' episode which make me like Hyde, The Mother episode which make me like Moune, the Training episode which make me like Agri, etc.
Goseiknight was the best character, but he should have deserved better episodes.

When there was the Mantris Arc, it was awesome, more tactical and with a lot of very good episode, especially the bomb episode, or the one centred on Datas.

And then the final Arc with the whole revelation about the real villain, it was just freak and awesome. And then the heroic side of this one, he was just not machiavelous. It was not bad, it was a way to save earth, like Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The way was bad, and as a kid i would have just seeing the bad guy but as an adult it is way seducing.

So in conclusion it was beginning with an average show with bad characters, to finish with two brilliant arcs. An average sentai series.

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Re: Goseiger: Good, bad or meh?

Post by GoseiGokaiPink »

This season of Sentai is my ALL time favorite season of Sentai. I have seen it twice. I saw Shinkenger first and loved it but then started watching Goseiger (after awhile wait because of my sadness of Shinkenger ending) and fell in love with it! Alata has stolen my heart since then. Yudai Chiba is an AMAZING actor and the best red sentai I have ever seen. People give the Goseigers a harsh reaction because of their apperances. It upsets me so much. But Goseiger is way beyond Good. It is the best. But of course that is only my sisters' and my opinion. Sentai is our sister bonding this just as is Power Rangers and Asian drama. well I've said enough. Ja!
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