Goseiger Announcement Meeting released

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Goseiger Announcement Meeting released

Post by Phoenix512 »

You got a mock up battle, a passing of the torch, and a live performance all in one.
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Re: Goseiger Announcement Meeting released

Post by zeta_gundam »

I find it funny how so many ppl were cheering when Morita Suzuka (Kotoha) was introducing herself. XD
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Re: Goseiger Announcement Meeting released

Post by Battra »

These look like absolute fun to go to, i'm kinda disappointed that these never caught on with Power Ranger's or any other American Sfx kids show.
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Re: Goseiger Announcement Meeting released

Post by Arigomi »

Matsuzaka Toori crab-walking onto the stage was so unlike Takeru's character. Suzuki Shougo was weird the way he struck a "I'm too sexy for my jacket" pose and then swings the flaps around. I loved the comment about how latecomers never get a chance to attend the announcement meetings.

I'm never going to understand the fashion of Japanese pop singers. That scarf is only slightly better than this.
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