Gosei 32 released

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Re: Gosei 32 released

Post by erikhol »

I have to ask, was the term "Yumma Hall" mistranslated? I found it spelled out like this, Yuuma Hole (幽魔ホール, Yūma Hōru). I translated the Japanese text, and it translated as "Monster Hole."

I can guess they hole and hall sound alike. Can you tell me if that was a mistake or not?
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Re: Gosei 32 released

Post by jonty »

Apparently the Japanese transliteration of the English words "hole" and "hall" are both pronounced the same way.

Without something more definite it's up to interpretation, though "hole" would be appropriate given the fact that they are talking about a dimensional sub-space or whatever astronomical silliness they thought up.
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Re: Gosei 32 released

Post by zeta_gundam »

Ginhoshi wrote:The henshin sequence when they were charging to the yuuma hall reminds me of the original ultraman. :roll:
Yeah. Like wth was up with that transformation? o.O
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