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Agito 08 released

Post by takenoko »

Will this resolve stuff?
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Roasting and carving the turkey at the same time. Flame form must be a hit at thanksgiving.
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by DereklBarona »

If I was fighting a guy and his sword suddenly grew Agito horns, I would immediately turn and run like hell.
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by XerBlade »

DereklBarona wrote:If I was fighting a guy and his sword suddenly grew Agito horns, I would immediately turn and run like hell.
I'd do the same if a guy started leaving glowing footprints as he ran towards me as well (lol Kuuga), but hey, random mook enemies aren't usually known for their genius.
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by HyperDrake »

If I'm not mistaken, some people says each dvd of Kamen Riders consist 4 episodes. Considering this is the 08th eps. of Agito release (the last eps. of the 2nd dvd), next they'll treat us with the 9th eps. of Kuuga, then. Anyway, Flame form is cool.
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by Dengar »

Houjou, in my eyes, has always deserved the dubious honor of receing more of my loathing than many a Kamen Rider villain.
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by archer9234 »

I really like Hikawa and Shouichi. I can't wait when Hikawa finds out he's Agito. I knew Shouichi was gonna be stupid to fully assemble the bed outside. Mana should of told Shouichi what she meant. After all she knows he's Agito.
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by Ivanhobe »

The interactions betwen Shouichi and Hikawa are really neat, i hope we see more of that, at ifrst i thought that their relationship was going to be similar to the one Kiba and Takumi had in faiz, with one looking down on the other for misguided reasons, but these two are more alike to each other in the "goofy good guy" sense of the word.

I really liked the design of the unknown, mostly because of the head, the eyes were creepy but realistic, and the Skull shin was a nice touch, though it kind of sets itself apart from previous unknowns in that he doesn´t look too egyptian, though maybe i didn´t pay enough atention.

Houjou-san doesn´t bothers me that much, i mean he is certainly shreud but at least he works for a good cause rather than messing with people just because he can (i am looking at you kusaka masato). Regardless, i really hope he sucks hard at being G3 so that Hikawa-san can have a triumphant return a la IXA, only better.

Thanks for the release and looking forward to more Agito!!!
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by squashy »

What? What? It's out already?! Now I know how fast TV-N can work if they really want to *thumb up*

Flame form is awesome! Certainly better than Titan Kuuga but not as wild as Dogga Kiva, it's not like he needs to anyway~
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Re: Agito 08 released

Post by solari »

If anyone's interested, toei's Agito website is still online even after all these years. Also looked up the actors, seems like most of the main cast are still in the entertainment industry. Kaname Jun(Hikawa) sure has a very impressive list of drama/movie credits to his name.

Eps 7 and this episode really deepens the mystery. The nodes in the overall graph are slowly appearing, and waiting for the lines to connect them. The one important thing in common between the 3, Shouichi, Ryo and Hikawa is the Akatsuki-gou. I look forward to see how Akatsuki-gou connects everyone.
Crow unknown's design reminds me of a tengu and those eyes...

I think it feels a lot like a normal mystery/cop drama with some splash of sci-fi/fantasy, certainly a different feel from more current rider shows. Not as many gimmicks and the comedy is more subtle like the character interactions, eg, between Hikawa and Shouichi.
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