HeartCatch Precure 16 Released

The cutestest anime ever subbed by a bunch of men.
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HeartCatch Precure 16 Released

Post by Magenta »

I'd like to say the ep 15 post foreshadowed this pretty nicely in it's intro. In any case, it's time for...
HeartCatch Precure!
Episode 16: Erika is her rival! A challenge from the Theatre Club!
In which we are meant to sympathize with a horrible person, Cobraja is fabulous in many languages ("Which languages?" "All of them!") and jesus christ what's with those vocal exercises?

Episode Notes:
  • Well, what's with them is they're based on Japanese kana. The Japanese alphabet is sorted by consonant and then vowel, so "a i u e o" is followed by "ka ki ku ke ko", "sa shi su se so", etc. The vocal exercises Azusa is doing with her group are designed to warm up the vocal chords by focusing on each line of kana one after another - so the first two lines focus on the vowels alone: "amenbo akaina, a-i-u-e-o, ukimo ni koebi mo oyoideru". Then the next two lines are k-focused: "Kaki no ki, kuri no ki, ka ki ku ke ko, kitsutsuki kotsukotsu karekeyaki". They're designed to help with refining enunciation and making your voice clearer and more powerful, as each syllable does not roll gently into the next - forcing you to enunciate very clearly.

    Today's (final ;.;) Name Meaning Theatre: We'll look at Takagishi Azusa. The kanji for 'taka' simply means 'high', whilst 'gishi' is a shore or coastline - you could hence approximate her surname to meaning something along the lines of a cliff-face. This does make the scene where Erika stands on the cliff leading the Fashion Club remarkably more poignant. XD

    Azusa's is more floral - referring to several types of flower. Both the Japanese cherry birch, and the Chinese catalpa. As her heart flower is a bougainvillea however I don't think this one's worth reading anything into particularly. XD

    Also, she should end up getting married to Miura from the ramen shop episode just so her name could be Miura Azusa *nods sagely*
Anyway, so long and thanks for all the fish. This is the last episode that I, and my team-mates, have worked on for T-N's releases of HeartCatch Precure. It's been fun and awesome, and we'll miss you guys terribly, but alas, we must part. Tis sad, but such is life. Enjoy the episode, and enjoy what is to come of a fantastic series. Adieu, dear friends. Adieu.
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