HeartCatch 17 released

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HeartCatch 17 released

Post by takenoko »

Another Yuri episode. It was kind of nice to see the dynamics between the old and new Precures. I don't think Yuri acts the way she does because she's jealous of the two new Precures, she's just really aloof as a person

It's kind of funny how Tsubomi's grandmother will trick them into gathering together and then act like it's a total surprise. It's also played off in a pretty subtle way too. Tsubomi's just sees through it and that's that.
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Re: HeartCatch 17 released

Post by That Guy »

This was an okay episode. More tension with Yuri, the power of teamwork, prove ourselves to each other not to her, OMGZ her precure seed is a barrier shield. A fun filler episode.
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