HeartCatch 20 released

The cutestest anime ever subbed by a bunch of men.
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HeartCatch 20 released

Post by takenoko »

I never noticed until this episode that Tsubomi is taller than Erika

Potpourri is pretty cute. They had the obligatory yawn and the crying stuff that made it feel right
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Re: HeartCatch 20 released

Post by Magenta »

Finally after however-many-thousand years I am free to conquer the Earth etc etc.

What I found really startling about this episode is how, up until it, I really liked Sabark as a villain. Yeah, okay, he's a bit of a sit-at-home villain, but he's generically menacing enough and had some good hint-at-something-deeper moments that you rarely get with Precure villains.

Then we introduce Dune. Dune is fantastic! How can you not love Dune? A leader without an ego who's capable of reflecting on his own mistakes, learning and improving, and not just that but considerate to his subordinates, helpful, and generally just an all-around nice guy you wouldn't expect to be the King of the goddamn Desert Apostles.

...and then Sabark immediately turns around 5 seconds later and goes "Hey Dark, let's go fuck up that tree and steal it's loot behind his back, lol."

AAAAAAAAARGH! I've never turned so harshly on a character in all my life, I think.

Anyway, not bad episode all around. Marred by some very poor animation work, especially during the fight scene, but a tolerable intro to Potpourri.
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Re: HeartCatch 20 released

Post by That Guy »

This episode introduces Potpourri. Nothing else that happened matters. Except the introduction of King Dune. That, I wasn't expecting. I look forward to seeing more of these characters.
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Re: HeartCatch 20 released

Post by Dikkir »

Takenoko-san, HCPC completely overflooded the main page XD

Thank you very much^^
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