HeartCatch 48 released

The cutestest anime ever subbed by a bunch of men.
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HeartCatch 48 released

Post by takenoko »

Pretty intense episode

Really sad about Yuri's dad though. She goes through her hard life without him and then she loses him just as she gets him back. Nice ending to Dark Precure though

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Re: HeartCatch 48 released

Post by PHurricane »

That picture of Dark Precure hugging the Professor, all while being reflected off her broken broach, is pretty neat.

Fantastic episode. I'm satisfied with the explanation that was given for Dark Precure/Professor. It wasn't perfect, and I'd probably find some inconsistencies if I thought about it for too long, but feel like I got enough of an answer to move on and focus on the Precures fighting Dune.

Although I did crack up a bit when Dark PreCure first stood up again. When she stood after that overhead shot of her looking very dead, I started to wonder if there was anything that would permanently finish her off.

Dune had some great facial expressions. The animators were really on the top of their game this episode. The second half of the episode just blew me away. The fight against Dune was beyond impressive. I've watched it several times, and there are still details that I'm noticing for the first time. One of my favorite details - Blossom and Moonlight's faces being reflected in their Tacts before they attack. It was all really well done.

I can't believe there's only one episode left after this.
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Re: HeartCatch 48 released

Post by Connie_Edogawa »

so just one more episode left? wow. time just flies by, huh? out of curiosity, is TvN planning to sub the next precure, if there is one?
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Re: HeartCatch 48 released

Post by furyofdragons »

i agree with PHurricane, the last half of the episode got me, i enjoyed it immensely and the cameo of the duo from the movie was interesting
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Re: HeartCatch 48 released

Post by kaemmerite »

Yeah I was thinking that too, when Dune was talking about the professor being on hard times when they were in France, that red-haired guy was from the movie, right? So I guess maybe the movie explains the origin of Sabaaku a bit more (which would mean Japan already had solid confirmation of Sabaaku's true identity before last episode maybe?).

Anyway yep, great episode.
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Re: HeartCatch 48 released

Post by D-boy »

I just spent a good amount of time this week marathoning this series. All of my comments could be boiled down to one:


Yeah, I have watched the first few episodes of the original Pretty Cure years ago, but still. Every battle here was damn good. And not only that, but I noticed two things missing: The Triple Impact shots and a Clip episode. Both money saving tricks used in almost every anime.

And remember, most anime run between 13-26 episodes long. This one is 49!!!

And THIS SHOW IS FOR LITTLE GIRLS!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well, screw it. I love this show. I am a full grown man, and I love this show. Hell, a few of the scenes put a tear in my eye. HeartCatch Precure is AWESOME!

In this episode, we say the fall of a long time villain, and they made you feel for her. We saw the sacrifice of a father, and all of the 'pep' talks felt genuine and unforced. The characters believe and there is much at stake.

Sure this is a fru-fru anime, but it's a fru-fru anime with balls! More so then Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, and Inuyasha combined. I mean, their super-final attack is a giant pretty cure with gold-spiked knuckles crushing the opponent!

Thanks to the TV-Nihon team. Great work all around on the subs.

Now to wait for the last episode...
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Re: HeartCatch 48 released

Post by manz »

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Re: HeartCatch 48 released

Post by Cyberleader2000 »

arsom Episode been really enjoying this I can’t believe I only chooses to watch this on a whim and because I was board of waiting for more RID now I going to be relay sad after this finishes as I’ve relay enjoyed this it’s made it up to my 3rd favourite Anime. also I noted after the preview for the next episode they showed a Promo for Suite Precure now I have to ask will you guys be subbing this as I’m hopeing you will.
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