Kanon 04 released

A modern day fable. Also, a joint project with Skewed-Studios!
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Kanon 04 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

While Taihei tries to get on Kanon's good side, Kanon is slowly opening herself up.

At least Kanon is opening herself to her fellow coworker. Taihei losing all those passes in that fashion was pretty funny. But once again, the series moves slowly but surely.
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Re: Kanon 04 released

Post by ChelseaChampion »

I wonder why Kanon's manager was so curious as to why she cried... Not that I am a heartless person or anything but if someone won't tell me something i won't ask anymore.
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Re: Kanon 04 released

Post by kaemmerite »

While this episode was again victim to plodding pacing, I will give it credit in that at least unlike episode 3, stuff actually happened in this one. It's nice to see a little bit more into Kanon's character, and now, yeah, it makes total sense why she started crying when the old woman got knocked over.
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Re: Kanon 04 released

Post by XIII »

its a drama show, so it has different pacing to that of a toku show

Aside from that, loved this episode, nice humour with Teihei on the scooter bouncing all over the place, the faces on kanon and her work colleage was awesome. some serious emotion with Kanon-chan, you really do feel for Kanon-chan and everything she has been through and as said above, brings together the whole crying section of the last episode nicely,
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Re: Kanon 04 released

Post by justiceknight »

just about to start watching this episode. so far the story has been interesting but i feel the pacing is slow.
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