OOO Wonderful Movie released

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Re: OOO Wonderful Movie released

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HyperDrake wrote:
Leonite Rider wrote:Of course, I could point out the plot holes of trying to fit this into ordinary canon... and I will!
The all-riders-in-one-universe-is-canon-theory nut strikes back!!!
Not ALL the riders... just the ones that I see as having possible connections: Den-O, Kiva (Climax Deka), W (Movie Wars Core and Foundation X woman's screen), OOO (Movie Wars Core and Lets go, although thats only a connection to Den-O as Decade can be blamed for the rest) and Fourze (Megamax and the end of OOO, as well as Wonderful), the Showa series (Lets Go, Fourze) and possibly Kuuga and Agito (Kuuga through Fourze, and Agito due to Kuuga). The only other possible connection is Ryuki, and even that is a bit sketchy, theres no actual connection, its a hidden rider war.
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