Is it Documented that His Finishing Cry is NOT "See ya"?

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Is it Documented that His Finishing Cry is NOT "See ya"?

Post by Kilibob »

It sure sounds like "see ya", but I've not seen that actually noted anywhere. It's done up here as seiya, and elsewhere, but to this non-Japanese-speaker's ears it's always been "see ya"! Which made me giggle the first time he used it - I thought "what an appropriate finishing move shout" - and then over the course of the series nobody else seemed to pick up on that.

I guess what I'm asking is is it written down somewhere in an official OOO source that it's "seiya", or is that just convention? And of course, apologies if this has been brought up and/or answered, but the forum search tools won't let me search on "ooo see ya", since the words are too common and it ignores them.

It's been bugging me for a while. In the end it doesn't matter, but I'm awfully curious. I can't be the only person who heard/hears this and thought/thinks this, can I?

Thanks for any insight; I know OOO is by this point long gone, but it's still fondly remembered in my household, and likely always shall be!

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Re: Is it Documented that His Finishing Cry is NOT "See ya"?

Post by takenoko »

Yeah, in the captions it says seiya. If it were "see ya" I imagine it'd be something closer to how it's pronounced in English. You can tell it's not "see ya" since he uses it as his exertion sound
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Re: Is it Documented that His Finishing Cry is NOT "See ya"?

Post by Revorse »

Yeah, I thought it was "See ya" at first. In fact, it still sounds like that to me sometimes. But I guess it's not, just the grunts of a wandering hobo.
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There are four lights!
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Re: Is it Documented that His Finishing Cry is NOT "See ya"?

Post by afandjegudiel »

Yeah, but doesn't seiya mean "sincere one" in japanese? Why would he be shouting that? In contrast, the Japanese do seem to love their english phrases, and "see ya!" is a very appropriate finishing cry.
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Re: Is it Documented that His Finishing Cry is NOT "See ya"?

Post by Lunagel »

Again, "seiya" is just an exertion cry. If it was being used in context, it would mean clear/quiet/holy/starry night, however, it's pretty obvious he's just yelling something to yell something. Kinda like Ryuusei's WATCHAAAAs.
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