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What did you think of OOO?

***** Coming up OOO
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*** You count the medals 1, 2, and 3
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* Creepy doll
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by Galada »

I'll give it a 4. Pretty damn solid. Most of the time it was average, and has some unused potential, but when it shines, it's glorious.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by Katiana »

Considering that OOO was the first Kamen Rider show I watched it's hard for anything to top it. I have to give it a 5 just because of how much I loved it. I do agree with people that say that the first part of the show was rather slow but I think it picked up after episode 20 or so (gotta love the debut of TaJaDor) and I loved how Ankh and Eiji's relationship went from rocky and hating each other, to grudging respect, slow friendship and finally to the point where they cared about each other so much and Ankh valued their friendship that he could no longer even consider hurting Eiji.

The end made me sob and freaked the hell out of my mom since while I'm known for crying or laughing while reading books or watching something, I've never actually cried so hard and for so long. Loved the show but hate the fact that they still really haven't resolved anything about Ankh's death other than at the end of the Fourze teamup saying that Ankh will one day be brought back.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by CrimsonRider »

Solid 5 from from me - this is my honest and humble opinion, but I didn't find any other rider series to be more entertaining in terms of character delevepment, dark and yet emotion-rich story-line, and a good philosophic aproach to actual problems of humanity. I mean, OOO is not actually dark because of the darkness of it's monsters - it's dark because it exposes the actual problem that is not concidered in nowadays' cinematography (human greed), and blends it with monster factor, which is done very good.
Last, but not the least - I actually grew to like endings like that - when people are give ensured hope that things will be justified and cleared up, but that's "another story already". Endings like in W are just too straightforward - not that I don't like it though. :) It's just another side of the coin - people are shown that protagonists achieved victory. They beared some losses, that can not be fixed right away, but at the same time, a very strong hint is given about the fact that it will surely be okay (OOO vs Fourze film).
As a side note, the first KR season for me to watch was Hibiki - I found it accidentally when searching for Knight Rider series. During that time, OOO was airing live - I found that only after I finished Hibiki. Natually, I found both shows pretty entertaining, starting to watch another series as OOO was continuing. Before the final episode aired, I have watched all series up to (and including) Decade. And when I saw the ending of OOO, I could clearly say that it somehow remains me of Blade, but I actually like it more than the former.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by Ryousha »

My honest opinion about OOO is that it's definitely a 4. I remember when it was first airing and the Toku forums literally hated it because it appeared to be like W, which was really good for its time. The ending though made everyone think it was a W copy in the sense that the second main character (Ankh?) died.

However, over the years, I found myself rewatching OOO quite a lot because it was just so bizarre and different rather than W. The episodes were more enjoyable than W. W fell apart literally half season with Shroud and the Sonozaki and it felt like forced drama and like the writers were a bit high when they wrote the later half of the series.

The catchy OOO soundtrack is something that I really enjoyed and I recently just rewatched the entire OOO series with my friends alongside W after. Watching OOO before watching W really lets it shine. Of course watching W, OOO, Fourze, and Wizard all consecutively is going to make you barf because they keep reusing certain aspects that they all share (second main character keeps dying).
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by AxemYellow »

I absolutely love this series. It's my second favourite KR series (1st is Ryuki). I thought all of the characters were amazing (except maybe Mezool) and the actors had great chemistry. I rewatched the series a while back and couldn't stop watching it until I finished. A solid 4.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by archer9234 »

A 3. The characters and story were perfect. But they left things unanswered. Somethings got resolved stupidly. The purple greed nonsense. Crappy enemy motivations. And IF you're gonna have a character quirk be super strength. Don't go and ignore it. Because you ran yourself into a corner.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by wisdomcat »

I loved the soundtrack that OOO had, I don't know how to describe it but it made me feel happy whenever i hear it.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by Knight of L-sama »

4. A solid, solid 4. While it's true that the story left some things vague and unexplained, for the most part I don't think that harmed it. And some great performances certainly helped make up any deficiencies. I would actually rate Ankh as the best Kamen Rider performance I have seen. Also of what I've seen I feel it made the best use of the traditional "Kamen Rider and the Monsters share the same power/origin" elements. Especially some of the fights between Eiji and Ankh later on.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by waterlesskyo »

onore decade! uh...sorry wrong section... yea OOO had it's ups and downs but one thing I'm interested in finding out is whether or not docuta maaki's actor always relies on a puppet of some sort because I remember watching an episode of akibaranger and it had two dolls one of them being the one he uses on OOO any info is appreciated! I gave it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! by the way.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by Philip Aldraine »

This was the first Kamen Rider that I watched. I loved the music, the characters, even the combos they had. It was awesome.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by mholden020 »

Just finished OOO, definite 5/5 from me. I noticed two major factors that made me like it so much:

-The story seemed complete. Everything except "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" was explained, everything made sense. One of the issues I had with W was that the Gaia Memories were not really explained that well, and things relating to the memories just had to be accepted. Ankh explained the medals, Greeed, and OOO almost immediately in the first few episodes but then they were fleshed out later in the series. Even the doll, which was kind of creepy, was explained and then became a funny gag in the last 15 episodes where the poses changed to match Maki's emotion. The characters were also fantastic and I think they nailed the casting for Ankh. It was hard to believe that Izumi and Ankh were played by the same actor because they were so different. Fantastic all around, a very "whole" series, in my opinion.

-The other reason is strange: I went into the series with very low expectations. While progressing through the Heisei series, OOO always stuck out as the dumbest-looking rider so far (chubby Ghost and his giant belt may change that), plus there was a dude with a really weird hair style, a floating arm, and a belt that sings. After I finished W, I begrudgingly started OOO and was hooked from then. Once everything was explained, the OOO suit became one of my favorites because it made sense. Plus, there was that one scene where the Tora chest piece gets knocked off from a squib going off and gave a good behind-the-scenes view of how the suit was constructed.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by Gallus Faberge »

Like some have said, it was a pretty good series, but it seemed they never quite reached its potential. It gets a 4 from me.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by hiro9796 »

My side, honestly, I feel disappointed. Everything else seems okay except Eiji's personality and nonsensical belief (worry about some mere underpants for tomorrow and easily give away his salary from part-time job to just anyone[in movie crossover with W]. Dude come on, you don't realised that is more than being an idiot) together with President Kougami overused Happy Birthday stuff. Yeah, I don't deny and blame that your mind is broken from not being able to reach up your hand to save someone. No one can blame if that happen to you but on one episode (where a said guy who was his friend kidnapped Hina and Ankh while pretending to help for grandstanding), he really had to cover up a crime that he did not commit and claim himself as an accomplice. Dude, that's totally wrong in the first place. You should at least give advice even if you don't want to outburst at people, but DO NOT cover up for a crime.

Although, there's one thing never explained or perhaps I missed the point. Which is why Full Combo (a set of same colour medals) is dangerous, specifically how does Full Combo affect the user's condition compare to the mix of colours?
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by Mandalori »

It's dangerous because it strain the body a lot, like in the Gatakiriba's debut episode. There is also the consumed by it's own Greed (or lack of) like with the King and with what happened with the Purple Medals.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider OOO

Post by Catastrophe »

That's what Ankh wants you to believe. The real reason will horrify you.
They use too much CGI budget and they can't afford it every episode!
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