OOO as a series as a whole (Spoilers)

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Re: OOO as a series as a whole (Spoilers)

Post by TexasRed »

Okay further thoughts on the show.

Some of the conventions they used and seem to be using now I found to be interesting. With W you had a combo of two powers, (Joke/Cyclone and more), with OOO you had a combo of three (*singing*TATOBA and on), and now Fourze (444?) will be using a combo of four at a time. Makes me wonder what will happen in the next series....

The pacing could have used some more work, but I think that was because there weren't enough episodes. Another 5-10 would have made the series more complete in my mind.

My favorite parts included some of the wackiest things. (Kougami deactivating the medal system when Eiji tries to use the bike. Kazari breaking the fourth wall. Etc.)

Eiji was a fun character, but I wish we had gotten some more explanation on that "famous/political family" of his. Like, maybe have a brother or someone show up and try to convince him to give up OOO, further cementing and explaining why Eiji does it. It would have certainly helped me understand the sudden want and need for power.

The Hina/Eiji/Ankh (not)love triangle was something that outright engrossed me. I wanted more of that, not necessarily a confrontation over her, just something deeper.

Date irritated me at first, especially since in the (not)movie we didn't even see him, but Birth shows up anyway. But as they explained him more in the series I grew to love him like the rest of the major characters. I think I would have flown to Japan and nut-punched the writers if they'd actually killed him.

Gotou was pretty cool too. He was the typical veteran who couldn't believe the rookie was getting all the breaks while he was still paying his dues. I do wish they'd given him more time as Birth, but I think it would have been better if they'd added extra episodes rather than making him Transform earlier. The tease at leisure land was mean, but it made it all the more epic when he came out and wiped the floor with the Greeed. (Of course, it was annoying that it went right back to "Birth can't fight the Greeed" after that...grrr.)

Chiyoko was a cool character, I instantly paired her with Date in my head. 'nuff said.

Maki irritated me. He made sense as the "ultimate badguy" of the series, but I hated that he kept the dour and serious mode until the doll dropped and he'd spaz out through the whole series. I figured they could move him past that when he rejects his sister's memory and fully embraces the Greeed.

Mezool and Gamil were my favorite of the Greeed. They seemed like they were trying the hardest to fulfill their desires instead of just "MORE POWER!!!!" Kazari and Uva were pretty cool, if a little two dimensional., yes, annoying, definitely.

Kougami... Cake Boss 4ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And now Ankh. I have not loved a Kamen Rider/Sentai character more than this one. His character development was perfect, his back story as "the original traitor" was awesome, I could not get enough of him and that "TCH" of his (I can't do it as awesome as him). The reveal that all he wanted was to experience life as a human did made him instantly relatable. I will admit openly that even though he was fulfilled at the end of the series I did actually cry some for his death. I'm gonna miss having such an awesome character to look forward to.

All in all, I loved the series and am now looking forward to enjoying "Glee in Japan" er....."Fourze"
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Re: OOO as a series as a whole (Spoilers)

Post by Ichigo Uzumaki »

I honestly have to agree with the inital post more or less. Kougami was kind of useless and after never being explained at all, it was more like a way to create one of the riders and (well two technically) and use up some screen time. Honestly, if they weren't going to explain it, they should have just not had it at all and spent more time with developing Ankh, Eji, and Hina relationships with each other. Overall thought, it was a very good series and while W is still my favorite to date, this one is still pretty high on the list.

I really felt like there were some loose ends with Maki at the end as well. I saw no reason for him to throw those medals into Eji, other than for the sake of the final move which killed Maki. I understand he was trying to make Eji turn into a greeed, but that was ruined pretty quickly and Maki never seemed to care much about it. Kind of doesn't makes sense that a guy that smart would risk that much and not care about a failed result.

I have to say though, I really enjoyed the final battle because and the aftermath of it. It showed just how human Ankh had become despite the fact that he always hiding it. Speaking of Ankh, I also think his death would have been more dramatic if he had been dying for a few episodes, like if the series had been 50 or 51 episodes instead of 48, and the last few until the last fight could have been about him dealing with death and accepting it and possibly enjoying his life with Eji and Hina a bit more; while actually showing it.

Like I said though, not a bad series at all. Not my favorite, but not bad and probably in my top 5 somewhere.
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Re: OOO as a series as a whole (Spoilers)

Post by FangTrigger »

There is only one issue I have with the series. The Maki/Giru thing. In the Rider wars movie, we have Giru introduced but he just stays in the movie, pretty much making him irrelevant to the series except in form (well forms because we truly don't know who's body was actually Giru's)

I think I have a way to introduce him into the series, but it'd still throw in some plot holes:

We start with the scene where maki was showing the purple medals to the other greeeds. We have them all become shocked because they know who the medals belong to and their power. Kazari steps in to destroy them and suddenly, the medals become active, saying 'You think your puny power can destroy me?' There is a purple blast, sending everyone, including Maki and his doll, to the floor. The ten medals hover over maki as he goes through his crazy mode. "The emptiness in this one is interesting; however (medals face to the window)I detect a greater emptiness far from here. I wonder if he can satisfy my desire?' Ankh, under the assumption that he (Giru) is talking about Eiji ~insert minor flashback about Ankh commenting on how Eiji has no desire~ He launches a fireball, separating the ten medals so that 1 rolls into maki (main consciousnesses) and four that fall to the floor, while the other five fly to Eiji (Giving us PuToTera or whatever you want it to be called) As Ankh moves to destroy the four, Maki stops him with that freaky Glow, disabling his powers. Maki, now with the power of giru, warns the other greeeds not to act out again, unless they want to be destroyed. Reluctantly, but still afraid of his power, agree to his terms.

Also, please read this after the first spoiler
I do admit that Ankh joined after Maki absorbed the medals, but I needed someone to go off of. I'll edit that later.
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Re: OOO as a series as a whole (Spoilers)

Post by Hase0 »

hello there, I'm new here, just registered. Anyway, I think OOO is a pretty good and strong series, the major differences from other rider shows is having 2 sidekicks working together (Eiji & Ankh).
Ankh is just plainly awesome, I like him even better than Eiji the main protagonist.
I also think that the 3 medal combos are cool.
This is one of the few series that got me addicted to keep watching.
Some of the bad things about this series are probably Kougami and Hina which are not being explain at all.
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Re: OOO as a series as a whole (Spoilers)

Post by weissfreya »

It is never too late to write a comment... so please forgive me if im going to pour my heart out... even after so many years that OOO is finally over...

The reason I like Kamen Rider was because here in my country a mysterious BLACK Rider appeared... Kamen Rider Black... and sad to say - he was the only RIDER to ever grace our local channel...

So many years pass... DECADES actually and I stumbled upon this 'PASSING RIDER ~ Remember that' a not your TYPICAL 'HERO' for me he is more like the nonchalant I-dont-care-give-a-damn-about-you-but-pissed-me-off-I'll-kick-your-ass-Rider.

I like the new THEME where the Rider isnt always so RIGHTEOUS and so HEROIC… just living the everyday life…

Then came DEN-O… KIVA… W~Double…

But nothing ever prepared me to OOO… I fell in love.

The very first episode, I was intrigued with that floating hand… came more episode - that mysterious 'PAST' of the two…

Eiji and ANKH…

This is the very first time that I truly came to fall in love with a Rider… and truly love their chemistry… love the music… love the COMBOS… love everything…

And I CRIED… tears keep on flowing when ANKH said that his DESIRE was fulfilled… and that is to LIVE… and that was the most incredible DESIRE I have ever heard…


To experience Death and not just a pile of metals…

He gain a soul…

I cried because I thought I will never see him…

There have been many questions - but it was all answered…

KOUGAMI was the hardest to figure out… WHY WAS HE OBSESSED? Found out why >> BECAUSE HE WAS THE DESCENDANT OF THE ORIGINAL KING OOO… I learn this from TV TROPES


The very eccentric president of Kougami Foundation. A firm believer in the power of desire and the beauty of the birth of all things, good or bad, he is also known for his odd habit of making birthday cakes whenever he's not bending Ankh, Eiji or the other Greeed to his will.

• The Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful movie reveals that he is the descendant of the first OOO. This factors into his desire to see Eiji succeed where his ancestor failed to do — become a god.

• He himself describes Oda Nobunaga as the most wickedly ambitious man in history...and then clones the guy using Cell Medals. Let's re-iterate: the most evil and ambitious man ever, brought back to life using condensed human greed.

• Despite knowing pretty much everything about the events of 800 years ago, he seems to only reveal the information when someone is looking for it. Possibly justified, as he believes desire is the most important thing in the world, so it makes sense he only provides information if someone desires it.

• FRIDGE BRILLIANCE: Why do we see Kougami baking but not eating his cakes? He likes beginnings and births if he himself ate the cakes that would mean the "end" or "death" of his cakes.

>> Also, it shows that as much as he believes in the power of desire, he also has a similar idea to Eiji in not going overboard with it - Kougami doesn't even try to have his cake and eat it too.

EIJI x HINA x ANKH … at long last… a series that doesnt involve too much romance… and a character (IZUMI SHINGO) that isnt a lover…

For me if Hina was the lover of SHINGO it will ruin so many things… but making her the SISTER - gave the most wonderful chemistry…

in the NET MOVIE: Super Hero Taihen: EIJI as OOO (who was being suspected as killing a SUPER SENTAI ~ said that he has something for HINA-CHAN… though their relationship is platonic right now…)

I adore that HINA isnt some female irritating character that will cry, whine and so on… but a strong-willed and has a monstrous power kind of a girl…

a man with no desire but power to save others… even to the point of breaking himself… and ANKH with so much desire to live and taste life…

Eiji is a guy with no dreams, no long term plans, no family, and no real driving desire. Sounds like a bad thing right? Well, not when you realize that the Greeed's Yummy's gain power by feeding off of people's desires. Which makes Eiji the perfect person to oppose them, since he has no desires of his own save for saving innocent lives FROM the Yummy.

• On the other end of the spectrum, the King who sought to become the original OOO was described by Ankh as being "desire incarnate" and he was the one who created the Greeed. Also, his own desire for power ultimately caused him to go out of control and seemingly resulted in his death.

•Its why he can use OOO, its also why the Dinosaur Medals came into him, they were attracted to his complete lack of any desire due to him being a Shell-Shocked Veteran.

•This also makes sense when one notices what makes the original OOO and Eiji go out of control. The original OOO lost control due to using the normal Core Medals, which are desire incarnate, just like him. Eiji goes out of control with the Purple Core Medals, which represent a lack of desire, just like Eiji himself.

• Remember what the Mantis Yummy said in #1? "You'll pay a price for using it." The meaning becomes clear after the revelation about the Original OOO. It's not because there's any particular danger with the Driver, but with the Core Medals. They thrive upon the user's desires, so even an average person can be expected to go berserk at some point. Luckily, Eiji has none. Instead, the Purple Cores react to him in a similar manner the other cores would have reacted to other people.

• A more meta example. The real reason Eiji can't use the Dinosaur medals with any other medals? All of the other combos are modular pieces of armor on a black bodysuit, but the PuToTyra Combo is a single set of armor permanently attached to a white bodysuit. For any 'random' combos involving the dino medals to look right the costume people would have to make a whole new two-tone bodysuit based on which parts were Dino and which weren't.

• An in-show example is that since the Purple Cores represent a lack of desire, it would be impossible to combine them with the Cores that represent desire.

• During the scenes with the Greeed, the screen becomes distorted, one may think this is just the show showing off the Greeed forms. But it's actually how the Greeed see the world.

BRILLIANT MUSIC: Many may have not like the song but for me it is very COOL and astonishing especially when it is HINO EIJI singing the song…

The most powerful and what I love the most: TIME JUDGED ALL

• TaJaDor's Image Song is called Time Judged All, which fits rather nicely as Eiji and Ankh use TaJaDor during the finale when it was finally time for Dr. Maki to be judged for all the crimes he committed over the course of the series.

>> It's lyrics also mention "the power of two wishes combined" which ultimately is what gives TaJaDor the power to defeat Dr. Maki.

>> Speaking of Dr. Maki, why is it significant that he inserted 2 of his own Core Medals into Eiji? Not only did it speed up Eiji's Greeedification, it also gave him the amount of Core Medals to fill up the Tajya Spinner, which gave Eiji enough power to defeat Dr. Maki in the finale.

• • Why is Time Judged All a duet between Eiji and Ankh? Because in the final battle, Eiji becomes TaJaDol using the Taka Medal containing Ankh's conciousness. So in a sense, Ankh became Kamen Rider OOO for that battle.

>> Similarly, the reason Power to Tearer is a duet with Akira Kushida (the voice of the OOO Driver) was to represent Eiji fusing with the Purple Core Medals.


• Why does Ankh have multicolored wings, a trait usually given to angels in Islamic art? In the Final Battle and onwards, he pretty much acts as Eiji's Guardian Angel.

>> It also relates to the Egyptian themes within Ankh, from his name to his background song.

• Ankh's name, while yes it is reference the egyptian symbol of eternal life there's also a deeper brilliance to it. There's an Arabic word Ankaa which is pronounced surprisingly similar to Ankh and it means 'The Phoenix'. They really did think of everything.

• Ankh's goodbye...

Ankh: I'm not the hand you need help from anymore.

THE BEST OF ALL >> the NET MOVIES ANSWERED ALL QUESTIONS (CG COST, WHY APPEAR only a few times and so on… hahaha :)

The official NOVEL also revealed so much:

Kamen Rider OOO (novel) written by Nobuhiro Mori, is part of a series of spin-off novel adaptations of the Heisei Era Kamen Riders. The novel is split in three parts. The first part, Ankh's part, focuses the origin of the Core Medals, the King, and the Greeeds from Ankh's point of view and reveal secrets inanswered from the series. The second part, Birth's part, takes on the Birth Driver's point of view, deciding between Akira Date and Shintaro Goto to see who is worthy to use it. The final part, Eiji's part, focuses on Eiji's past and reveals how he met Ankh. The novel was released on November 30, 2012.

Ankh’s section is set about 800 years ago. Leading all the way up to the sealing of the Greeeds and his encounter with Eiji, revealing that it was more than a coincidence that the two of them met. While it’s mainly about Ankh, the other Greeeds and the first OOO is also featured in this part. When Ankh was first created, he resided within his 10 Core Medals not as the Greeed known as Ankh, but as the King of Birds. At that point Ankh felt free and was able to see the beauty in this world, he loved the vast blue sky more than anything. But as the 10th Core Medal was taken away, Ankh spawned from the Core Medals with his sense smell, vision and taste becoming distorted. He was unable to see the world in the same way he previously did and left with a feeling of being incomplete. He and the other Greeeds became the embodiment of greed. The King witnesses the birth of the Greeeds and says “Happy Birthday!” as he takes their Core Medals.

What sets Ankh apart and leads him to his betrayal to the other Greeeds begins when he meets a blind girl. This girl dreams of being able to a beautiful scenery accompanied with bluebirds. Ankh seems to be able to connect to the blind girl. Eventually become friends through their mutual desire to see the world in a beautiful perspective, even though Ankh hates humans. Ankh tells the girl that he’s actually a bird. The girl believes him and asks “Mr. Bird, what color are you?” Ankh responds with “I’m red…” leaving her rather disappointed as he’s not blue. Eventually Ankh tells her that he can help her see, and creates the Condor Yummy through her desire to see. The Condor Yummy attacks random people gouges their eyes out and gives them to girl. She opens her eyes and sees corpses with their eyes gouged out, seeing that she loses her mind and goes insane. She no longer has the desire to see again, and the Condor Yummy disintegrates into Cell Medals. Shortly after she dies and asks Ankh to once again become the King of Birds and protect the weak. Ankh feels bad for not being able to save her, in a similar way to Eiji and the girl he couldn’t save during the war.

Ankh joins up with the other Greeeds and agrees to take down the King together, in order to retrieve their Core Medals. The King is insanely strong and controls a large portion of Europe. He uses the combos very efficiently, with Gatakiriba he clones himself and destroys neighboring countries and their armies. He uses Tajador’s flight as his advantage and burns down villages that try and oppose him. With Ratoratah’s speed, he infiltrates enemy camp and strikes quickly. He uses Sagohzo and Shauta to cause earthquakes and tsunamis to take down the Spanish Armada. The Greeeds manages to get their Core Medals back too, but even when they are in their full form they can’t take on the King. In order to defeat him, they resort to using Yummies created from the King’s greed. Uva, Kazari and Mezool creates the Cockroach, Lion and Whale Yummies, they are almost as strong as a full form Greeed because of the King’s strong greed. But none of this is enough as Ankh reveals that he was working with the King all along, but the King betrays Ankh and leads up to all of them being sealed. Right before Ankh is sealed, he imagines and sees the blind girl, flying together and looking down on the beautiful world.

The last part of the novel is Eiji’s part. It serves as an epilogue for the TV series and as a prequel with some flashbacks of Eiji’s past. This part tells the story of a girl called Alfreed and her brother Cain. Alfreed belongs to a certain tribe, located in a desert and the country is in civil war, fighting over the few resources they have. The country is heavily hinted to be a middle-eastern country. She was supposed to get married, but her fiancé died because of the war. Eiji, who traveled in order to learn more about the Arabic word “maktab” ends up meeting Alfreed. He follows her to her village and gets to know the people and their culture. As it turns out, Cain became an assassin for an enemy tribe in order to survive. Alfreed is eventually killed in the war, Eiji is saddened over this and tries not to let this happen again.

It then flashes forward to sometime after Mega Max, judging by the amount of Core Medals he has. With no more Greeeds and Yummies, Eiji returns to that country and decides to help and put an end to the war. He does so by using the OOO Driver, in a similar way to what the King did. Starting with Tatoba as a diversion, he quickly uses Gatakiriba and destroys the soldiers’ guns, Ratoratah to destroy tanks and Sagohzo to stop rocket launchers. He uses Tajador to take down the airforces while safely rescuing the pilots. In the dried out deserts, Eiji uses Shauta in order to create rain. The enemy tribe gets scared and the war slowly stops. As the novel ends, Eiji walks through the desert while continuing his journey to find a way to revive Ankh, as Ankh’s spirits slowly floats next to him.

>> It is such a beautiful story…
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Re: OOO as a series as a whole (Spoilers)

Post by Glutinus »

I finally found time to finish the last 15 episodes of Kamen Rider OOO. It's my first Kamen Rider OOO and everything I can say is that I'm very excited in seeing other ones. One year ago I began watching Gokaiger and was taken to a form of frenesy, watching again and again and watching a lot of other Sentai shows (just look at my signature), which means sacrificing some of my free time (i have a lot of activities after work...).

I really liked a little bit more "adult" sentai show like Dekaranger or Go-Busters, but in Sentai there is always a lack of characterization. I know, Sentai is a kid show.

And then I watch Kamen Rider OOO. I just watched some extracts in youtube and got merely interested, and then it was just freaky awesome. The chilling the Belt is singing for each combo, I cannot say which one is my favorite because they are so classy, all of them (well, I think the last one would be Gatakiriba, though its song is good). Switching medals to inherit different powers, where combos are more powerful so they reach special medals, is a freaking good idea. The way they could win or lose medals complete a form of rivalry between all characters.

The story : very complete, i love the way the plot is set. Little by little, I discovered the story of the core and the cell medals and the desire Greeeds wanted.

But the most amazing is the relationship between Ankh and Eiji. I'm not sure any of time the word "friendship" was prounounced between them but episode after episode you can see the bond between those two getting stronger and stronger. Ankh is just the bad guy, he's using Eiji for his own purpose and is some kind the third party between the good guys (Eiji, Hina, Date, Gotou) and the bad (the other Greeeds). A fourth faction can be defined with Dr Maki.

I won't say much abouth Ankh, but the fact is that this show is not as manichean as others. The only desire of Ankh was to live, whatever his method. I was very sad at the end, and like Gokaiger saying goodbye to Eiji and Ankh was saying goodbye to friends. I will keep eye on episode sometime, just to watch amazing episodes in which each Combo appear for the first time.

Well I guess I will watch Kamen Rider Wizard and the I would should another KR show. I hesitate between Fourze, Den-O and W.

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