Dogu-chan 7 Released

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Dogu-chan 7 Released

Post by XIII »

So another Dogu-chan, this time around it deals with censorship, kind of a sore subject these days with the internet, this deals with that aspect where censorship escalates till everything is censored

Kinda of a really good episode and shows a different side to the normally light hearted show

For those of not good hearing, the *** stuff relates to stuff being censored out, it is supposed to be like that
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Re: Dogu-chan 7 Released

Post by Masked Rider »

This episode was *** interesting.

But it was kind of a kick in the pants in end........... it was all a dream.

And I couldn't help it, but Dogu-chan busting up laughing at 4:45 really made me spill my drink laughing myself.
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