Dogu-chan 4 released

Spirits of evil, transform this body into Dogu-Chan
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Dogu-chan 4 released

Post by XIII »

So its been a while since the last release, its surprising how busy you can be at times when it comes to work. Anyway its episode 4 of that show that just makes you go eh and huh so much, but you continue watching for other reasons,

Dogu is up against the Incense Youkai this week, who would have ever thought a youkai would come at you through something so relaxing, I guess it has been wronged in the past somehow.

Enjoy and hopefully we can pick up the pace in the later half of the series now we are starting to get some more free time to work on stuff.
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Re: Dogu-chan 4 released

Post by Nova »

Thanks for subbing this TV-Nihon!

This show is awesome.
Dogu-chan is so funny and hot ;)
And the monsters are really freaky.
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Re: Dogu-chan 4 released

Post by JCLegendary »

Yeah! Dogu-Chan, it feels like it's been so long. I've missed you.
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Re: Dogu-chan 4 released

Post by stooge999x »

Very happy to see another release of this show. Thanks so much guys!
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