199 Heroes Released

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Re: 199 Heroes Released

Post by JT515 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:03 pm

takenoko wrote:Would it have worked out better if this were labeled Gokaiger vs Goseiger, since that was what it actually was? Since their real versus movie was replaced by Gokaiger vs that space sheriff and the whole series being the actual Gokaiger vs Sentai, I think this was fine. It makes sense that the latest Sentai series would appear as a group since they have a natural relationship together and they can do things like summon their mecha.

The Boukenger versus Super Sentai special was kind of terrible since the different Sentai members had no previous relationship with each other. They spent a lot of time fighting with each other and acting uncharacteristicly. I would have much preferred a Boukenger vs MagiRanger movie instead.
the reason they did gokiger vs space sheriff was because they were celebrating the 20th annversery of Space sheriff .

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Re: 199 Heroes Released

Post by Battra » Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:22 am

This was a fun movie lots of Sentai fan service, it's nice seeing Toei up the scale from All Riders.

I enjoyed seeing the past rangers together even though they got babysitting a depressed guy. Legend War was handled nicely, enjoyed seeing the more recent extra members come and help the Gosei team, then offer up their powers to help defeat Zangyack. It was nice seeing the Goseiger team again and I liked how they were reintroduced wanting their powers back, cause watching the previous scene when they've lost their powers you kinda get the sense they don't know what to do without their Gosei Abilties. The conflict between the two seems actually felt natural compared to some of the manufactured conflict we've had in the past Vs. movies. Ending was handled great loved seeing all the mech's on screen even if a majority of it was stock footage from the previous series, which is understandable since these movie have a limited budget and i'm guessing some of those older suits weren't kept in the best of conditions, reminded me of the more recent Ultra movies.

Unfortunately the villains kinda felt lackluster in this, it was nice seeing Brajira again and an updated Black Cross King suit. Brajira I was both disappointed and kinda relieved that they didn't just have him repeat what he had done with previous organizations, disappointed cause Black Cross King just didn't really do anything except exposit send out and minions I was waiting for Brajira to backstab him & Zangyack, but i'm relieved that they didn't go that way cause it would've been predictable. Dagon & Yogoshimacritein were those the only villain actors they were able to get back? It just seems random to bring back those two along, you couldn't get any villains memorable villains or perhaps some older villains since you brought back the big baddy form Goranger. I like the concept of the first villian returning to get revenge on the Sentai, but it just kinda fell flat in the execution.

Enjoyable movie all around.
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