Gokaiger 26 released

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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by Battra » Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:53 pm

Wow we get treated to a second team up for Gokaigers. Ahim really stole the beginning by entrusting the Hurricaneger's with their powers and adding the caviat of taking them back by force if necessary i'd say she's definitely really stood out from the princess role. Like the new transformation it's always nice to see Gokai-oh get more than a superficial change to it's appearance. I have one qualm about this episode and it's Gai getting sidelined in the battle, he has the Shurikenger shouldn't he get a boost from the Hurricaneger's bequeathing their powers to the Gokaiger's. Lastly Don ending up with a branch at the end of the battle was hilarious.
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