Fourze 02 released

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Re: Fourze 02 released

Post by Leonite Rider »

And me without a Kamen Rider Objection picture.

Firstly, Climax Deka was made after Den-O the series, so it was on while Kiva was on, no point advertising a hero thats already there. Its hard to say its pllot convenience when, as I pointed out, both Wataru and Otoya, the latter who had absolutely NO relation to the story bar a single and the former who people wouldn't get the connection unless they watched Kiva, appeared. Heck, Wataru even had his little friend show up (Shizuka I think).

Secondly... I did say movie core has to be reworked to actually work, dialouge fits into that, poor planning for the movie on their part honestly.

Thirdly, and this is the biggest OBJECTION of your arguement.... Decade's excuse only applies to the alternates of each rider. He says NOTHING about the canon riders. That and Decade should be taken with a pinch of salt, plot holes remember.

P.S.: the exact wording, if I remember, was that every rider has their own story, not that every rider has their own world. If that was the case, then theres a world of Gills out there, a world of Knight, world of IXA, and there'd be an iron clad reason to never have two Kamen Riders at once.
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Re: Fourze 02 released

Post by HyperDrake »

Leonite Rider wrote:My theory started off in Climax Deka, using the theory that the Den-O and the Kiva worlds are THE SAME WORLD. Evidence that supports this: Wataru shows up looking for Violin ingredients at one point, and given that the entire point of that scene is to have Taros based humour, it takes place in the Den-O world, hence, the two worlds are the same one. the other piece of evidence is Otoya's presence in the past. Climax Deka does nothing to contradict either series (Like I said, Doran could concievebly enter the sands of time area due to the time travelling door on board, if my theory is correct).

>>> Castle Doran has a time traveling door on board, yes, I am aware of that fact. But, it wouldn't lead to the sands of time area in Den-O world. Look at the following facts >>

Fact 1: In order to do a time travel in Den-O world, one needs a pass card and a vehicle to board (the time traveling train).
Fact 2: In order to do a time travel in Kiva world, one only needs to enter a certain door somewhere on board Castle Doran. There's no such thing as sands of time area in Kiva world, like the one exists in Den-O world.
Conclusion: The time traveling mechanism and system in Den-O is different and irrelevant with the one in Kiva world. With that said, there's no way whatsoever Kiva and Den-O could meet each other in their respective original worlds. With their respective original worlds, I'm referring to the ones in their original tv series, NOT the ones in Climax Deka or in Decade franchises.
Leonite Rider wrote:In regard to Maki... READ THE THEORY! I said that my theory requires rejigging Movie Core so that OOO's section takes place over the course of the series, starting off with Maki at the Foundation, but ending not only after Maki has left the foundation, but after he (and Eiji) have absorbed the cores! And while this is going on, the W section of the movie takes place at the end of the OOO section. I state this clearly in the theory.
>>> In order to make your unified rider theory working, you need to re-jig/rework some things in a released production? What the?! With that said, you're only confirming it yourself that W&OOO Movie War Core is non-canon.
Leonite Rider wrote:None of the riders are crossing over into anothers world, they just happen to be in the SAME world as each other. And Decade could be called canon, there are theories out there that put Den-O's world in Decade as the Canon Den-O world.
I know there's a lot of theories out there that put Den-O's world in Decade as the Canon Den-O world. But, why did Decade visit the alternative riders' universes instead of visiting the original riders' universes which fans are a lot more familiar with?

The answer is >> Toei, in order to commemorate and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Heisei riders, planned to make a production (KR Decade) in which they can assemble the previous riders together fighting a mutual enemy, while at the same time, they wanted to preserve the sacredness of the storyline in previous riders' original tv series. In other words, the original tv series of previous riders are the one that deserved to be considered canon, storyline wise.

As for Den-O, it's a special case than the other Heisei riders. Den-O franchise generates a lot more profits for Toei than any other riders' franchises. With that said, Toei need to prolong this (Den-O) franchise as much as possible considering the huge demands for more production in which Den-O is involved. That explains the creation of Climax Deka movie, Chou Den-O movies, two independent movies (I'm born! and Saraba Den-O: Final Countdown) and the special treatments of Den-O world in Decade.

Nuff said. Case closed.
atilim wrote:The only Heisa Rider show that has any type of connection with the older show is Agito, and that connection is sooo small that they only mentioned it a few times over the course of the show.
>>> You're correct. The official rider shows whose events happen in the same world/universe are (1) Kuuga-Agito and (2) some of showa kamen riders.
Aside from those mentioned above, any other production where two or more main riders exist in the same world/universe, are (and should be) considered non-canon, storyline wise.
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Re: Fourze 02 released

Post by KamenGamer »

i hate fourze trying to be a "comedy", and i use that term loosely, it can do without all the sound effects trying to emphasise that it's a comedy just go back to being cool fourze that's enough for now. hmmm Gentarou, Ryoutarou. Kisagari thought he was going to get some but all he got was a trip on the moon. There certainly is a lot of different voice overs put into fourze's gadjets. One for the countdown, one for dizer, one for the switch ons, one for gadjet inserts and one for the enemy astroswitches. The Kamen Rider Club eh that's one club I definatly would join.
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Re: Fourze 02 released

Post by Go-On Macaroni »

HyperDrake wrote:As for Den-O, [...] two independent movies (I'm born! and Saraba Den-O: Final Countdown)

Nuff said. Case closed.
Um, "Den-O: I'm Born!" is not an independent movie. It's reliant on its place within the show in order to make its plot make sense.
HyperDrake wrote:The official rider shows whose events happen in the same world/universe are (1) Kuuga-Agito
Yeah, for like the first few episodes. >_>
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Re: Fourze 02 released

Post by Skiks »

JTanzer wrote: I don't think we're going to see a lot of repercussions for switch abusers, but I'd like to point out that we don't see him get off scott free. We see Gen say "We're going to be friends," the kid nod like "Oh, okay?" then them take him to the hospital.

Disciplinary measures are still possible, though I doubt it. That would reveal entirely too much about the hero who he saw transform. The classic masked vigilante problem, either as plot point when done well or plot hole usually. I enjoyed that W had a good solution to that by bringing the police in whenever the Dopant was legitimately criminal.

There's possible health effects. Why did they have to bring him to the hospital? What does turning into a Zodiart do to someone. Odds are we won't see it in the show, since it's a plot hole that can be circumvented, but if they wanted to, there could be lasting effects.

The biggest repercussions are going to be when he next comes back to school. He is going to get annihilated by the jocks. If he was annoyed that couldn't play football before, let's see him do it after the kind of beating they'll give him.

Unless, of course, it's like most TV shows and they'll just never talk about it ever again.
One big thing I noticed is well, Mr. Red eyes seems to be the schools principal. Doesn't seem like his top priority is punishing kids who use Switches. This may be done on purpose.
That's so ridiculous
That's so ridiculous
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Re: Fourze 02 released

Post by bill157698 »

Personally my favorite translation of UCHUU KITA!!! is Space yeah!
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Re: Fourze 02 released

Post by Netto no Zen-Aki »

Go-On Macaroni wrote:
HyperDrake wrote:As for Den-O, [...] two independent movies (I'm born! and Saraba Den-O: Final Countdown)

Nuff said. Case closed.
Um, "Den-O: I'm Born!" is not an independent movie. It's reliant on its place within the show in order to make its plot make sense.
Den-O making sense? What blasphemy are you talking about? LOL
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Re: Fourze 02 released

Post by DevGryphon »

Fourze's bike looks a lot like MegaSilver's bike. Considering how they are both space related series, is this a coincidence?
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