Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

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Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

Post by takenoko »

Just a list of stuff I think that would be interesting for future episodes of Go-Busters

Enetron is people!
Right now Energon, I mean Enetron is the Mcguffin of the show. Everyone wants it, they fight over it. But what if it what Enetron actually was was actually important? Not just some raw ore that you pull out of the ground, but there's something sinister to its origins.

The EMC is evil
Probably cliche, but yeah. We don't know anything about these guys other than how they screw the heroes over and how tightly they control the Enetron supply. Maybe have one of their staff be responsible for creating Messiah or maybe they're trying to take over the world and the Go-Busters have to stop them?

The last episode is just the Go-Busters acclimating themselves to normal life
The main trio have spent most of their lives training to be Go-Busters, some even being kids when they started. It'd be neat to see what their lack of normal lifestyles is like when the fighting is over and normalcy is thrust upon them. For Jin, he'll be an old man and not a sexy 20something avatar anymore.

Speaking of Jin, if he has to be Beet-Buster until the end of the series, does this mean no one will get rescued until the very end? If so, maybe have the last episode be about the reunion of the Busters and their loved ones. This isn't MagiRanger, but there is the separation from family that sort of underlines the theme that family is important. How would Hiromu's parents feel about their son being this weird blunt guy who freezes upon chickens. Or what would a conversation between Youko and her mom whom she doesn't remember be like?

I'm just saying that the Go-Busters is pretty character-oriented. It'd be nice to see stuff significant to the characters going on in the last episode, and not just them fighting Messiah for the last episode.
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Re: Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

Post by ReversedSentai »

Wow take, I didn't really expect this out of you :P

Personally, I'm waiting for an episode where Enter and Escape realizes that they're actually (in a way) rivals if not enemies and that one of them tries to request help from the Go-Busters. That would be quite interesting, whether if it's a trap or whether or not one of the avatars really want to destroy the other.

I still hope we get a real sixth hero, if that's not too much to ask for.
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Re: Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

Post by Lunchboxx »

Good thoughts, but I always keep mine to myself, I'm always the optimist, I wanna see what will happen and not hope what WILL happen. It would just diminish my joy.

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Re: Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

Post by TheLastTatlFan »

Those first two I would not like, but the rest of the post would be great and I'm kind of expecting something along those lines.

And while I don't want either Enter or Escape to work with the GoBusters, I am really hoping they get a rivalry going and bicker like siblings. Siblings with high-powered weapons and murderous minions. Like Megabyte and Hexadecimal, from Reboot. Remember Reboot? I loved that show.
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Re: Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

Post by Ivanhobe »

I am actually kind of expecting such a twist when it comes to enetron, it´s such an important element of the show and yet we know so little about it that pretty much anything is possible.

I am also expecting some really dark Twist regarding Jin, we know he is trapped in the subdimension and we know that it isn´t possible for humans to exist normally in there and somehow he managed to built 2 buster machines, 1 buddyroid and that portal thing he uses for transport.

My Theory? Jin´s physical body is dead, the only thing that remains is either his brain or just his mind as some sort of virtual intelligence, kind of like Messiah but based on a Human. Maybe he is a Cyborg. Maybe he IS J!
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Re: Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

Post by markoclix »

ReversedSentai wrote:I still hope we get a real sixth hero, if that's not too much to ask for.
Well, I'm hoping something similar to Gekiranger where we see the 5th/6th hero coming in around episode 28
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Re: Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

Post by edriel13 »

what i really like? to see a sixth ranger.
and it would be called....
*wait for it*

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Re: Stuff I'd like to see in future Go-Busters

Post by Digifiend »

Looks like Busters is getting a retool. They're even changing the OP music next week!
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