Final Words from the EMC Vaglass and Go-Busters

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Final Words from the EMC Vaglass and Go-Busters

Post by DREWdesu » Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:56 pm

Special Messages

Here’s some special messages from the cast to all the fans who’ve been watching this past year!

Takahashi Naoto, playing Morishita Tooru
Go-Busters…Let me try and sum up what it’s meant to me to play the role of Morishita Tooru this last year.

I was struck, recently, with the sudden realization that I needed to do something with myself – to have faith in my path in life. The amount of pressure that inflicted upon me was immense, but at the same time, absolutely necessary, I feel.

When I got the role, I was really excited and looking forward to playing the part, but I was also really nervous. How should I approach the part, how do I live up to the responsibility? How would I fit myself into the flow of this narrative… how would I even tell I had?

But with the help of my friends here, I figured out those answers, and poured my heart into playing the role of Morishita Tooru. I’ve been given a lot to think about, but I’ve enjoyed meeting that challenge. The burdens of the task became almost a joy to me.

Honestly, my entire time here has been amazing.

Working on Special Ops Cell Go-Busters, I’ve learned so, so much. And I just want to say thank you to everyone I worked with who helped teach me so many things over the course of this year.

I’ve met so many people, made so many amazing friends, and fallen in love with this show we created together. The privelege of having been able to work on this amazing production is something I will always treasure.

Honestly, I wonder how differently I’ll see the world now? The dreams I had as a teenager seem rather adorable from the perspective of adulthood. The ones I have now seem to stir something in my heart. Give it another ten years, and, well… who knows. All I can do is use that time to keep on doing what I do.

I’m sure there’s a lot of new experiences waiting for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how they make me feel, make me think, what they inspire within me, and what they’ll shape me into being.

Thank you, everyone. For being here to support us this last year, and watching over us and all we’ve done.

The Go-Buster bond will always bind us.

-Morishita Tooru / Takahashi Naoto

Nishihira Fuuka, playing Nakamura Miho

Hi everyone! Nishihira Fuuka here, who played Nakamura Miho!

Man, that last year just flew by, didn’t it? Haha.

So like, when I think of Nakamura, I instantly think of her red specs.

Truth is, when we first started filming, I sat in my room wearing those, flipping through the scripts.

And every week I got to shout out “It’s here!” with all the energy I could muster!

It’s weird, cause, all the other characters have been invested in this fight for 13 years, and I only join the Special Ops branch at the start of the show.

So I figure of all the characters, Nakamura’s the closest analogue to the viewer in terms of how they get to percieve the Go-Busters, and how they grow to love them.

And it’s with a lot of love that I’ve watched over the Go-Busters this last year, backing them up as best I can.

Over this last year, the character of Nakamura’s grown so much, and I feel like I’ve grown with her.

So to all the other cast, the staff, and all the fans out there who’ve supported us…

Thank you all so much!

And if you need someone to shout “It’s here”, just gimme a ring, okay? Hee hee!

Sakaki Hideo, playing Kuroki Takeshi

Sakaki Hideo here, Kuroki Takeshi’s actor.

I’d like to thank everyone out there who’s been watching our show this past year.

It’s one I’m sure I’ll never forget.

This past year’s taught me that of all the things I value in life, none ranks higher than just being able to spend time with the people around you, enjoying day-to-day life and all its trivial little occurances.

And that’s the best lesson I’ve ever learned.

Realizing that, I think a whole new world’s opened up to me.

So thank you, Go-Busters.

It’s been a blast.

I hope the year’s been kind to you all, and that your futures remain bright.

-Sakaki Hideo
February 2013

Misaki Ayame, playing Escape
It’s been a year long show – and I’ve been playing Escape for 9 months – so I have a lot to get off my chest.

To Suzuki Katsuhiro (Hiromu), you’re smart, switched on, as genuine as they come, and remarkably perceptive of peoples moods. You’re younger than me, and yet you handled the pressure of your role – and held together the production – incredibly. You have my utmost respect.

To Baba Ryouma (Ryuuji), you had a lot of tustles with Escape, and that gave us a lot of time to talk. You’d always be there to share a funny conversation with me, and you were like a big brother I could always turn to when I needed someone. Thank you.

To Komiya Arisa (Yoko), you’d always rush up to greet me with a “Hey, Ayame!”, wouldn’t you? We went to karaoke together, ate together, it was like having a little sister. When I first joined the production, I had trouble talking to all the guys on set, and you were always there to act as an icebreaker. You were always smiling, Arisa. Thank you.

To Matsumoto Hiroya (Jin), at first you seemed like a scary ol-uh, young! Young guy. But as we chatted away, and you told your bad jokes and funny stories, I realized what a kind guy you were, always watching out to make sure I didn’t get hurt. You had that ending dance down pat, but that one time you were totally nervous over doing it at the live show, you seemed remarkably cute.

And to Jinnai Sho, who played Enter. As a fellow Vagras commander, we got to film together a lot. So while off-set, we’d game together, giggle over our silly conversations, and generally just have a lot of fun. Whenever you changed something in your performance, you always asked the staff if they’d noticed with all the glee of a child trying to show off to their parent. It was an absolute joy to behold.

And now my part, Escape. She cared only for the strong, lived only to fight, and needed no reason but to please her Papa. A copy of a human, a mere avatar.

When I was first selected for the part, I of course accepted wholeheartedly. And that never changed, only grew, and this has become a show I am so glad I got the opportunity to work on. I’ve been surrounded by the most amazing cast, a kind but guiding hand from the staff, and the role of Escape – a jewel in the crown of my acting career.

I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to portray you, and you’ve become very dear to me over the course of this year.

So to all the Go-Busters fans who’ve enjoyed loathing, loving or enjoying the character of Escape, all I can say is: thanks.

You’re all incredibly good.♪

Jinnai Sho, playing Enter
Bon, bon, bonjour.

Jinnai Sho here. Enter’s actor.

Looking back over the last year, what really sticks out to me was when I was first informed about the nature of the character. My initial reaction – that I couldn’t contain – was just a “…Huh.”

I couldn’t help but think to myself: Wow, is this really how a Sentai villain is supposed to behave? Am I doing this right?

But as filming went on, and I recieved feedback from the viewers, I became enamoured with the character of Enter, and fell in love with the role.

And, well, I’m willing to bet I’m his biggest fan.

The year I’ve spent working on Go-Busters, making this amazing show with some incredibly fun people, and giving my all to the role of Enter, has been an absolute pleasure.

So thank you, for the most amazing year I could have asked for.

Jinnai Sho.

Matsumoto Hiroya, playing Jin Masato/Beet Buster
He… yone…
Hel… veryone…
Ah, hey, I got through!
Hey there, everyone! It’s Jin Masato here, engineer extraordinaire!
Did you all enjoy Special Ops Cell Go-Busters?

Hmm? Oh, hey, good, you did!
That’s great! Good to hear it!
I bet J is too, aren’tcha, J?
Hey, J! You could at least answer me!
Don’t gimme that look, mister!
You’re really that upset I’m gone, huh?
Man, you sure know how to make a guy feel wanted!
But ya know, no matter what happens, we’ll always be partners. Buddies!
Lives may end, but the memories and bonds we form are eternal!
And ya know, if you look at it like that, you never really lose anyone.

Same goes for all you viewers out there.
We may not see each other again, but as long as you remember us, the legend of the Go-Busters is immortal. And of Jin Masato too, of course! We’ll live on, through you, and the bond we share. Can a guy ask for more?
Oh, and hey, ya know… the world’s an incredible place. There’s this guy, right, looks just like me. Some actor called Matsumoto Hiroya. Now, he’s not as cool, and nowhere near as smart, but he’s a likable guy for all his faults. And hey, a few faults make things all the better! Maybe we’ll get to hang out together sometime.

And hey, dang it, J! At least say something!
Huh? You can’t hear me that well?
Ah, dang it… I finally get to talk to you guys, and my time’s almost up…
Do you know how tough this was?!
I had to mod my Morphin’ Blaster to get a link over to your side!
I doubt anyone will ever come close to replicating this kinda genius!
Hey, J!
Knowing you was the greatest gift a guy could want!
So enjoy the world for me, you got that, buddy?
You’re the best friend a guy could ever ask for!

And thanks to all you guys out there, too!
I… I hop… we ca… meet aga… out ther… someda…!
Looks… ike th… the end…


Komiya Arisa, playing Usami Yoko/Yellow Buster
Hi! Yellow Buster Usami Yoko, aka Komiya Arisa here!

Well, I guess Go-Busters is finally over.
Tell the truth, it still hasn’t quite sunk in… but it’s been one hell of a year!

When the three of us first started out, we’d always bungle our morphin’ sequences somehow, we’d be out of sync or whatever and have to start over. But somehow, over time, it just became natural. In a way, I feel like that’s due to the growth of our teamwork, and our Go-Buster bond.
Over the last year, I’ve grown as a person alongside my character, Yoko. I’ve learned so much from the lesosons she learned, and I’m glad for all the lessons we got to learn together.(`ω´ )

And I have to thank all the staff who helped create Go-Busters. I don’t think I can thank you enough for all the help you gave me, but still, thank you all so much!

The show might be over, but the Go-Busters aren’t gonna fade away just yet! We’ll be going full throttle into the final live tours! We hope everyone who watched the show will tag along and see us all off!

Thank you, everyone, for watching and cheering us on this past year! \(^o^)/

Baba Ryouma, playing Iwasaki Ryuuji/Blue Buster
Thank you, everyone, for watching Special Ops Cell Go-Busters this past year!

My name’s Baba Ryouma, I played the role of Iwasaki Ryuuji, Blue Buster.

Man… this year’s just flown by, hasn’t it? It’s been a ton of fun, and I’ve enjoyed myself so much.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a superhero, but playing one now, I’ve come to realize how immense the pressure is. But I hope that all the kids out there who watched Go-Busters will want to become heroes too, just like I did as a kid. That’s what I’ve tried to instill this past year.

I guess from the perspective of kids, Ryuuji might seem like a bit of an old fart, but I hope they came to see Ryuuji as a kind older brother, a reliable adult, but with a passionate heart. That’d be nice, I think.

Anyway, my biggest thanks have to go out to all the viewers.

It’s thanks to you guys being there to support us that we were able to give our all to this show for the past year.

Having this amazing cast, and staff, and show to be a part of has made the experience of playing Ryuuji Iwasaki an amazing one. Thank you.

The events of this year will be something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. And I hope Go-Busters will live on in you all the same way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all so very much for everything!!!!!

Suzuki Katsuhiro, playing Sakurada Hiromu/Red Buster
Hi everyone!

My name’s Suzuki Katsuhiro, I’ve been playing the role of Sakurada Hiromu this past year.

First of all, big thanks for watching our show for the last year!

It’s been my first time working on a single show for a whole year. It was kinda hard to take in at first – like a long road that didn’t seem to have an end. But scary though it was, I had an amazing cast and staff – and viewers – to help me keep on going through the good times and the bad, and the excellent too!

I’ve had a year to show you all myself through the role of Sakurada Hiromu, but I hope in future I’ll have a chance to show you all the real Suzuki Katsuhiro, as a person and through whatever future roles await me.

So thanks for the last year, and I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other!

... Even after the show, Hiroya sends his final message ... IN CHARACTER.... why would he do that?! D:
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Re: Final Words from the EMC Vaglass and Go-Busters

Post by samelf » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:20 pm

Interesting that the actor playing enter wasnt even sure enter would work at first nice to know he grew into it. Matsumoto Hiroya Put the most effort into his going as far as to do it in character that was really awesome.

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Re: Final Words from the EMC Vaglass and Go-Busters

Post by locuas » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:33 am

Definitely Jin/Matsumoto and jinnai are my favorites.
Jin's words are a nice good bye and maybe he would had said them in the last episode if they had a little more time.
And Jinnai, it's always nice to see an actor getting praised for an excellent job, and him getting to love the character.

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Re: Final Words from the EMC Vaglass and Go-Busters

Post by butyoumight » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:42 am

samelf wrote:Interesting that the actor playing enter wasnt even sure enter would work at first nice to know he grew into it. Matsumoto Hiroya Put the most effort into his going as far as to do it in character that was really awesome.
If I'm remembering an old interview/message from him correctly, he originally went in to audition for a Buster (not sure which), but they asked him specifically to read for Enter instead. So it makes sense in that way that he would be hesitant about the role. :3

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