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Go-Busters vs Gokaiger released

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:55 pm
by takenoko
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Sweet, Toei on the black flags.

Did they get a new sound guy? It seemed like they were actually using the surround sound for the battle scenes a lot better than they typically do with other movies. Maybe I was just being more observant (or maybe it was me setting my surround sound accurately for once).

I liked the Kyouryuuger introduction. It's a nice introduction to the broken team dynamics that make up the first month of the Kyouryuuger episodes, as well as gives us hints on the different character's backgrounds. Like Amy's part-time jobs and whatnot. "How is one man a sentai?!"

I think it's funny that the default Buddyroid voice is a sexy computer voice lady. Those computers, they've got to sound like ladies.

Oh, so that's what the Mystical Ranger Keys do. Honestly, this was probably more fun than it should have been, simply because of the nostalgia factor. Ryuuseioh's foot didn't need to be made bigger with CGI though. Honestly, a lot of the old mecha look pretty good with the CGI tweaking. It kind of makes me wonder what battles in the past could have looked like with today's technology.

Huh, the scene with the portal really reminds me of the Avenger's.

What's the deal with enter's last scene in the versus movie? Did he just fall in something and they were like "okay, that's better than what we had, we'll use that"

All in all, another fun versus. It didn't really seem like the Gokaigers really had much screen time. They spent so much of the movie as "enemies" that their story didn't really amount to much. Just the usual "We're guests in the current Sentai year's movie" sort of dealy, I guess. Sort of a lame epilogue to the Gokaiger story. "We went to the Zangyack mother planet but now we're back."

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Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:34 am
by butyoumight
What's the deal with enter's last scene in the versus movie? Did he just fall in something and they were like "okay, that's better than what we had, we'll use that"
I'm pretty sure all of the scenes playing through the credits are at least partially blooper reel/no good type shots. That scene at least, because Jinnai Sho definitely breaks character when he falls there. If they did just leave it in for the sake of... I don't know, wrapping Enter's appearance in the film, well... That's fine, anyway, because that little clip makes me laugh every single time.

I loved this movie, honestly. The Gokaigers might not have gotten much screen time but I think they made up for it by being great.

I would have liked more screen time with the Villain Avatars, Basco in particular. But that's just bias speaking. XD

End dance for everyone!

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Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:40 am
by takenoko
I guess I mention the Enter thing because I had to watch it three times for each of the creditless versions XD

Edit: I really love that scene where they're reading Youko's letter. It's a pretty funny scene overall, and reminds me of Back to the Future II!

I like the firefighter guys in the background of the Edo scene. That was a nice touch.

Man, I remember that scene in Evangelion when Shinji ran out of power.

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Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:16 pm
by Kamen Rider Ookalf
Y'know, it occurs to me... They never explained what Jealoushitto was doing in the past, did they?

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Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:22 pm
by PHurricane
I’m glad I watched this movie more than once, because I was underwhelmed the first time I sat through it. These two teams wound up stealing the top sentai spot in my heart (which given the strength of their stories, I suspect they’ll hold for some time to come), so I unconsciously set the bar for my expectations pretty high - which is usually a recipe for failure.

The Gokaigers were your typical returning sentai. To their credit, they did try to talk things out with the Go-Busters, or at least read them in to the plan. It was nice that we didn’t have to sit through a scene where the Gokaigers are introduced to the Go-Busters, but the perfectionist in me is a little fuzzy on how they know each other. (The previous versus movie? Super Hero Taisen? Reputation? The Super Sentai Address Book? A mix?) Gai was the most adorable out of their side of things. I loved that his first concern after running into Youko is about which honorific to use. Oh, Gai...never change. Kudos on the backflip. Hopefully his actor gets to show off his athletic skills in the new Garo series.

The Go-Busters characters felt like a diet version of themselves. The timing of the movie is rough for them - the series at this point is ramping up into (or already in the middle of) that incredible block of episodes where Enter is showing off how brilliant he is. I understand that they can’t really reference those episodes, but it disrupts the coherency of the characters and the plot a bit. Enter’s actions really bothered me, what with directly attacking Hiormu more than once as well as risking him being stuck in the past. I guess the explanation is the Enter wouldn’t need a back-up with all 5 Keys in the villains’ possession, but that’s the sort of eggs-in-one-basket plan that Enter was so good at avoiding throughout the series.

I got those nit-picks out of my system the first time through, so I could enjoy it more the second. I got a kick out of the way Gai, J and Youko pulled a Den-O by leaving a message in the past to let them know what to do in the future. And we got to see Kaoru! She looked hilariously out of place in the Go-Busters’ high-tech command center, but not uncomfortable in the slightest, just as a composed leader should be.

Even though mecha battles are usually my least favorite part of sentai, I thought the Go-Busters’ Grand Power was pretty clever, and allowed for the obligatory MagiYellow reference as well as an unexpected Chief “Attack” snap.

That beginning scene with the Go-Busters over-relying on the Buddyroids was a little heavy handed with the foreshadowing, and a little unrealistic at such a late point in the series. Admittedly, it really paid off during the flashbacks, especially the scenes with the younger Go-Busters doing things with their partners. The lack of music leading up to the vaccine program sparking the reboot for the Buddyroids made the theme song kicking in that much more powerful.

As for the end, I like that the Gokaigers finally got to dance, and tailored the choreography to match their personalities.

Random thoughts:
-...why Jealoushitto? Why?!
-...that sunglass throw before the roll call. Someone really needs to do a final tally of how many times the Go-Busters wore sunglasses just for the sake of tossing them to the side.
-I don’t care if they’re ghosts or avatars - anything that gets more Basco is good in my book. It was nice that Escape got a cameo as well.
-The Kyouryuugers had the most true-to-character appearance for a new team since they started the early-bird cameos.
-Speaking of dinosaur sentai, it's the curry retauarant from AbaRanger! It’s nice to see the original versus movie running gag pop up again.
-There was something chilling about hearing the term “shut down” applied to GoBuster-Oh and the cockpits going completely dark.
-The punch between Marvelous and Hiromu is the same move that the suit actors did during the hand-off after the Gokaiger finale aired. Nice callback.
-Each of the different ending song versions has it funny and memorable moments, but the Command Center scene in the movie has to be my favorite - you’ve got your Blues sword-fighting in the back, the Commander in Marvelous’ coat, Marvelous in the Commander’s chair like it’s his throne on the ship, Gai teaching Nick his GokaiSilver pose, what looks like Jin about to pounce on the girls right before it cuts away, and Doc coming in looking bewildered.

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Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:14 am
by Yaiba
Awesome. Just awesome.

Nicely written and powerful plot, its like the final episode of Go-Buster all over again. Excellent fighting choreography. And no one is out of character

Go-Buster scientific stuff is back, they got to study and build their own time machines

Lol at Hiromu's chicken scene

Auxiliary Buster Machines Lioh and Frog didn't really do anything

We see Gokai Shooting Star again. And it actually kills something

Enter's new megazord looks bad ass

Lol Kyoryuuger. Nice calling back to the first episodes where no one gathers when needed. And their camos don't feel as forced as in other VS movie

All Reds that attack with similar weapons!

Robots Gokai Change! Lol at Tsubasa Jin with MagiKing

The sentai "passing punch" for real

Minor camos is also good. Shiba Kaoru! Just seeing Shinkenger makes me happy. Jealoushitto and Yatsudenwani from Abaranger, with their original voice actors to boot. And nice link back to the Kyouryuuya curry shop

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Posted: Thu May 02, 2013 5:19 pm
by Phoenix512
I sorta of feel the same way about the Gokaigers not really having much presence in the movie. Sure they were there but it was more of a Go-Buster movie guest starring the Gokaigers compared to a standard VS movie. I do love the plot with the Buddyroids and once they were reset, it was just powerful. I assume Jealoushitto got suck up in the time wrap at the same time as everyone else. It was a fun movie to watch. So I have to wonder if the Gokaigers returned the GokaiGalleon they got from the past or just use that one to move on.

Kyouryuuger cameo reminded me of episode 1 with Daigo fighting alone and then saved by a bunch of gunfire from the other four. Speaking of cameos, I don't remember when the VS would have been but they could have the original Escape in it instead of a mere copy of her. I'm certain it would have been plausible to have the original Escape.

Re: Go-Busters vs Gokaiger released

Posted: Thu May 02, 2013 6:13 pm
by takenoko
The movie was the middle/late January. Escape bought it on Christmas, didn't she?

Re: Go-Busters vs Gokaiger released

Posted: Thu May 02, 2013 7:30 pm
by Lunagel
Pretty standard VS I thought. I enjoyed a lot of the nostalgia factor they brought in and I honestly had to pause the video when Jin made his Magiranger reference because I was laughing so hard.

Plot was fairly weak as always. Your usual "let's find a way to send people to other dimensions so we can dress them up in cool costumes" plot (that genre is ridiculously prevalent in VS movies...). I wish they had focused a bit more on Ahim/Don/Jin's world, seeing Jin prance around in a Zorro costume was hilarious.

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 1:29 pm
by Mandalori
Good movie, but I especially liked the Magiranger reference with MagiKing. And Jealoushitto, always in place where you don't expect to see him. It's nice to see Kaoru again. They really like her I guess. Well, she's the first female red. And Enter, his final scene in the 2 movies are the same : him having survived his Megazord destruction but still beaten up.

Too bad Basco and Escape didn't have more screen time. And too bad they destroyed GokaiGalleon. But the black one, why would Zangyarck build it anyway? Another Gigant Horse would have make more sense, or maybe since they have the Gokaiger with them...

And Youko's scroll, so much in character ("Youko desu") and I liked the sort of foreshadowing from J and Gai right after Kaoru's show up.

I think I've said everything I've wanted.

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 3:27 pm
by redfarmer
I didn't post right away because I wanted time to process. I love Gokaiger. I love Go-busters. I love versus movies. But this movie...felt so...underwhelming...

Here's my gripes with it:

*Marvelous and Hiromu are the only two that get significant interaction, and even that isn't used to the degree it could be. They're both such strong personalities I was looking for much more of a clash. Out of the rest of the Gokaigers, Gai is the only one who has any other sort of a large role. This was a Go-busters movie featuring guest appearences by the Gokaigers, not a verses movie. I get that this was a six vs. five person team, but that's never hampered them before. Look at Gekiranger vs. Boukenger, Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger, or 199 Super Hero Battle (since Gai didn't join the Gokaigers until after the verses movie). Each of these movies handled the numbers thing very well. This movie seemed all over the map.

*Oh, Enter, I don't buy for a second you would team up with Zangyack. Enter never once in the series teamed up with someone from our deminsion. He's never had the desire to be helped by anyone except his allies in the subdimension. Why would he change now?

*Kaoru's cameo was completely pointless, even more pointless than her cameo in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger.

*Damarasu, Basco, and Escape are defeated way too easily. I would have rather them not appear than be treated like foot soldiers instead of the bad-ass commanders they were.

*The mystical keys are cool, and it was nice to see the past giant mecha, but it doesn't make sense that the Buddyroid keys bring forth past giant mecha. There's absolutely no logic in that one.

*Random new Megazord piloted by Enter that's never seen again. Enough said.

*So when Gai wasn't with the rest of the team, was he randomly just running around taking all 199 ranger keys back?

Now, the positive:

*The Buddyroid story actually works. You realize how close the Go-busters are to the buddyroids and that they're willing to die rather than give them up. This feels very much like Go-busters.

*The scenes with Gai, Yoko, and J in the Edo period work better than any other scenes between the Go-busters and Gokaigers. My only wish would have been for Gai and J to have more interaction given their personalities.

*The Kyrouyuuger cameo actually works too. I'm usually not a huge fan of these pre-series promotional cameos, but it actually worked for some reason, and it was nice to see them fulfill a real purpose.

*I actually like the concept of the mecha time traveling, and the fact that there's no enteron in the past gives them a real obstacle to overcome in getting back. It worked much better for Go-busters than it would have worked for some other series.

Overall, bleah. I don't feel like my expectations were terribly high but, even then, I'm still so underwhelmed. I hoped for more out of what was presumably the final appearence by the Gokaigers for a while. Oh well.

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 3:56 pm
by Digifiend
Haruto? Kamen Rider Wizard isn't in this movie!

Re: Go-Busters vs Gokaiger released

Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 5:13 pm
by redfarmer
Digifiend wrote:Haruto? Kamen Rider Wizard isn't in this movie!
You're of course right. I blame thinking about this movie too much. :oops:

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 6:12 pm
by GarTkEZ
I loved the mecha Ranger Keys - though can someone give me an idea as to why Ace turned into Flash King?

I got why some of the others used what they did (MagiKing & GaoKing, I point at you.), but not Ace using Flash King?

EDIT: Both of Ace's other mecha Changes were LOL if you know why!

EDIT 2: Just noticed a minor gaffe when they went all-Red - Hakase as FiveRed got the Liveman text + logo combi.

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 6:19 pm
by takenoko
That's a good question. Maybe it's because they're both sword users and Ace -> King as in card suites? ... lash01.htm