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Re: KR Wizard Net Movies

Post by Kuchiri » Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:17 pm

It's not a secret that they try to get as adult as they can be in the Net Movies. They have even made that joke a few times in previous net movie sets I think a quote was, 'There's no way that can happen, they won't let us do that much in a Net Movie'

Was Makoto drunk during her segments. It seemed that she was drunk especially in the Phoenix one.

I love how they reference the New Zealand for MagiMother. I believe Toei and Disney did some filming together for Magiranger and Mystic Force in New Zealand.

I didn't mind Rider Deka, could of had a better ending though.

Kamen Rider Mage was basically the closest thing we will get to a Hikounin Kamen Rider with troupe jokes.

Anything with Medusa's actress is always a plus for me.

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Re: KR Wizard Net Movies

Post by Mandalori » Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:25 pm

No, I also liked Koyomi's room, mostly because, well, it's Koyomi. Also, it's said in the wikia that the stewardess is her agency's theme. It's not, it's her group's, PASSPO's, theme. Also "Attention please, [name] desu" is how PASSPO member are presenting themselves. Too bad Koyomi wasn't the one that dressed up as Infinity because I'm not a big fan of cross-dressing and he's not the one doing the fortune-telling.

For the Mayu's part, it could be as well a foreshadowing if she didn't say that the one that will defeat Medusa would be Shunpei. For the pay, I don't know, Mayu doesn't get so much appearance, and it's rare

Gremlin's part was funny : "I want to cut, I'll forgive the (lack of) white dress this time." and then Shunpei cutting paper.

I also liked how Medusa seemed to know Riders but couldn't recognize the one she saw that weren't Mage. Except maybe if it was a joke about the poor sightseeing of the actress. And then "Sentai". Good think Toei own both.

Speaking of Shunpei, the one where Haruto and Nitou where defeated and then Shunpei jump into to fight, and then are eating like nothing happened while Shunpei is getting defeated while saying "this guy should have won if he followed the trope". I liked it because I'm not even sure how the trope would be called in TVTropes.

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Re: KR Wizard Net Movies

Post by takenoko » Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:34 pm

Oh I always thought Passpo was her agency. I guess they're a part of Platinum Production

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Re: KR Wizard Net Movies

Post by Kogashi » Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:29 pm

Finally watched this and, the more I think back to Wizard everyone in the cast just seems to perform better, as a comedy trope... Except Shunpei... He's exactly, how he was in Wizard proper. I've always appreciated the Net movies when they seem to joke that the Characters are actually the actors. Like pointing out 'Let Shunpei have this, it's not like he does anything in the show'.

Oooh, my god, oh my god Kamen Deka Rider. Ooooh the nicknames gag. Oooh dear lord death by old donut while watching porn, after death by explosion, and yet still shows up but as a ghost. 'Ni-tou :) '. I mean there's not much more I can say outside of... So I kinda get why Kuuga and W and I guess Decade were fellow Dekas but... How did Blade and Fourze end up there?

... Uuuh, Medusa... Is this what you do on a day-by-day basis? Just, walking around and doing like, air sports hoping that someone shows up? ... Cause the air golfing was a bit, well... Much... Poor Sora, left more confused than we were by the choices made through the series.

Ko-yo-mi! Ko-yo-mi! Ma-ko-to! Ma-ko-to! XP More than even the rest of the skit that part in particular felt ad-libbed since it just ends with her going 'dear lord this is silly' and everyone laughing. IT was nice to see her, I dunno, be allowed to emote in the show other than vague concern.
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Re: KR Wizard Net Movies

Post by RyuShinEX » Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:11 pm

ya, the cast had so much fun doing the net-movies. I even like it more than the series itself.

hope gaim's net-movies will bring it to another level with that huge amount of cast.

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Re: KR Wizard Net Movies

Post by UltimateCharge » Thu May 01, 2014 7:56 am

I loooooooooooooved these!

Seeing the loose moments where they might just be ad-libbing or seconds away from falling apart is awesome. And I love their dissection of Beast's motif and character. It's something I never actually thought about before, but his disparate elements are what make him great! Modern looking guy with ancient powers that are regularly out-matched by other characters who loves mayonnaise and is essentially homeless, yet has a spirit that never dampens. Having his whole entity be a giant hodgepodge of elements is pretty charming.

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