KR Gaim 01 released

Such a fruit
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What's your reaction to the first episode of Gaim?

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KR Gaim 01 released

Post by takenoko »


Uhhh... I dunno? So what do you get when pretty boy prince of tennis guys get in gang wars with each other over dancing and Yu-Gi-Oh monsters? Maybe you get something like that?

I didn't really get the sense that the world building was very good. Like you know me. Add too much shit to a Wonderland and it falls apart. I was originally going to say "the monsters made their formations in the shapes of fruits? I'm outtta here" but it really seems all over the place for me. Didn't the show trailers say this was going to be about the Sengoku period or whatever?

What's at stake? Who are all these billions of characters? Why is the DJ so annoying? I just don't get why I should care about anything that's going on so far. And I'm sorry, but the world that's created seems kind of dumb.

Hope episode 2 is a lot better.
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

Yeah, I didn't expect the Jet Set Radio route with Gaim. So people are like "This is cool but there's a chance the monsters from the game can attack people. That's awesome." I imagine that there will a lot of broken Lock Seeds when they try to use the knife on the belt. Also hi, Sailor Mercury. Nice to see you again.

The Inves do look creepy and cool but I wish there was some info about what they are actually.
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by Lunagel »

Jesus Christ DJ man, get your face awayyyyyyyyyyyyy from the camera.

I'm not sure what to think. I'm confused and don't really know what's going on and dear lord that henshin is odd.

I think Gaim's trying to do way too much and ends up doing far too little. First episodes are generally rough, let's see how the next few pan out.
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by takenoko »

From the staff viewing
[09:07] <Lunagel> horsey!
[09:07] <PHurricane> are those worms?
[09:07] <Phoenix512> no
[09:07] <Phoenix512> oh look, fruit formations
[09:07] <Lunagel> call me crazy, but I don't think that's really a good way to do battle
[09:07] <Takumi555> sexiest ridergirl ever o~o
[09:07] <Zony11> yeah
[09:08] <Phoenix512> that's how the great battle started
[09:08] <Zony11> she looks like koyomi a little
[09:08] <Phoenix512> a chick dropped her flower
[09:08] <Phoenix512> except taller
[09:08] <Lunagel> I sense massive karaoke changes in our future
[09:09] <Zony11> yep
[09:09] <Macaroni> Round zero~ Blade Banana
[09:09] <PHurricane> interesting opening
[09:09] <Zony11> hey wait up
[09:09] <Phoenix512> that bike is pink
[09:09] <Lunagel> YES WE GET IT LOCKS
[09:09] <Zony11> i am still on commercials
[09:09] <Lunagel> yes
[09:10] <Lunagel> we all are
[09:10] <Phoenix512> we aren't skipping through CMs
[09:10] <PHurricane> so, looks like there's some kind of reincarnation or past life subplot
[09:10] <Zony11> yep
[09:10] <Takumi555> q..q luna! that's mean!
[09:10] <Lunagel> what?
[09:10] <Takumi555> that mail <.< work ...
[09:11] <Lunagel> do it bitch!
[09:11] * Lunagel cracks the whip
[09:11] <PHurricane> lol
[09:11] <Zony11> what the heck is the melon dude doing just standing there
[09:11] <Takumi555> b...but...
[09:11] <Macaroni>
[09:11] <Zony11> LOL
[09:11] <Lunagel> dammit gaim, I just lost the game
[09:12] <Phoenix512> we all lost the game to Gaim
[09:12] <Zony11> yep
[09:12] <Lunagel> oh god
[09:12] <Lunagel> I'm going to hate that character
[09:12] <Zony11> which one?
[09:12] <Phoenix512> Jet Set Radio
[09:12] <Lunagel> dj
[09:12] <Zony11> Oh god him
[09:12] <Zony11> he is like watcherman of W
[09:13] <PHurricane> we get it...this company owns everything
[09:13] <Lunagel> didn't we do the evil overlord thing with Garo already?
[09:13] <Zony11> or donut seller that kaba played in Wizard
[09:13] <Lunagel> yes, they're dancing!
[09:13] <Lunagel> action please!
[09:13] <Zony11> i know what part you are talking about
[09:13] <Phoenix512> by dancing?
[09:14] <Zony11> yep
[09:14] <Zony11> i saw it yesterday so.....
[09:14] <Phoenix512> or not
[09:14] <Lunagel> uhhhh
[09:14] <Macaroni> Medabot fight, ready go!
[09:14] <Lunagel> wat
[09:14] <PHurricane> this reminds me of that game in megaranger
[09:14] <Lunagel> wat
[09:14] <Zony11> seriously this show is pokemon/dancing/samurai/fruit
[09:14] <Phoenix512> Rock em Sock em Inves
[09:14] <Lunagel> wat
[09:14] <Phoenix512> except real
[09:14] <Zony11> yep
[09:14] <Lunagel> wat
[09:14] <Lunagel> wat
[09:15] <Lunagel> wat
[09:15] <Phoenix512> you can tell Team Baron are douchebags by having fancy uniforms
[09:15] <Zony11> yep
[09:15] <Lunagel> what the hell
[09:15] <Zony11> i get the yggsradil reference
[09:16] <Zony11> tree in norse mythology
[09:16] <Phoenix512> I'm afraid of Gaim's moped falling over
[09:16] <Lunagel> I am so confused
[09:16] <Phoenix512> Mai is a tsundare
[09:17] <Phoenix512> Team Baron, douchebags since 2011
[09:17] <Zony11> ok what the heck are inves
[09:17] <Lunagel> I think they're the pokemon of this universe?
[09:17] <Zony11> probably
[09:17] <Zony11> but evil
[09:17] <Phoenix512> gotta to catch them all
[09:18] <Phoenix512> Lock Seed Go!
[09:18] <Lunagel> hey, it's the angel grove juice bar?
[09:18] <Slowking> hello
[09:18] <Phoenix512> where's Ernie
[09:18] <Zony11> LOL
[09:18] <Macaroni> inb4 Bulk and skull?
[09:18] <Lunagel> eeeeee
[09:18] <Slowking> what time stamp of the gaim qc file are we at?
[09:18] <Lunagel> gordo-chan!
[09:18] <Zony11> seriously mai looks like koyomi
[09:18] <Zony11> i am at 10:40
[09:18] <Phoenix512> 13:45
[09:19] <Slowking> cool thanks
[09:19] <Phoenix512> hi Sailor Mercury
[09:19] <Lunagel> hiiiii mercury!
[09:19] <Zony11> oh Kouta's sister?
[09:19] <Macaroni> Ahh, a veggie snuck in
[09:19] <Lunagel> mercury, you're going to hurt yourself peeling like that
[09:19] <Zony11> lol team baron since 2011
[09:20] <Phoenix512> when she get so aggressive
[09:20] <Zony11> seriously mai looks like koyomi
[09:20] <Phoenix512> not really
[09:20] <Lunagel> are we sure this is kamen rider?
[09:21] <Phoenix512> yeah it is
[09:21] <Zony11> yep this is
[09:21] <Zony11> enter shady dealer
[09:21] <Zony11> obvious villian
[09:21] <PHurricane> he looks really familiar
[09:21] <Lunagel> how could you tell?
[09:21] <Phoenix512> I'm Cid, I came from Final Fantasy
[09:21] <PRSentai> Did we start already?
[09:21] <Slowking> ia with luna
[09:21] <Slowking> seems like the generic toku spin-off show
[09:21] <Slowking> rather than kr series
[09:21] <Phoenix512> there's a belt
[09:22] <Zony11> what the heck is up with the random apple commercial
[09:22] <Lunagel> hey, it's the back of the fourze school
[09:22] <Zony11> AMI CHAN!!!!!!!!!
[09:22] <Lunagel> THIS SEEMS LIKE A BAD IDEA
[09:22] <Phoenix512> it's an Inves portal
[09:22] <Zony11> LOL
[09:22] <Takumi555> xD
[09:22] <Slowking> adventure!
[09:22] <Slowking> (or stupidity)
[09:22] <Zony11> ADVENTURE TIME!
[09:23] <Lunagel> ew
[09:23] <PHurricane> really?
[09:23] <Phoenix512> must eat the forbidden fruit
[09:23] <Lunagel> wait, does he eat the gum gum fruit?
[09:23] <Zony11> kouta is sort of like nossan in the jack of all trades business
[09:23] <Takumi555> gomu gomu no...... xD
[09:23] <Lunagel> mr director, can we stop with the weird filter?
[09:23] <Slowking> only nossan makes some pretty good puns too XD
[09:23] <Phoenix512> unable to comply, Lunagel
[09:23] <Zony11> yep
[09:24] <Zony11> Utchi's pun was good in the special
[09:24] <Lunagel> accidental rider!
[09:24] <Phoenix512> this Inves is rather creepy
[09:24] <Slowking> am i the only one getting ooo/fourze vibes
[09:24] <Lunagel> no
[09:24] <Zony11> nope
[09:24] <Slowking> good
[09:24] <Phoenix512> it's Beast Hyper Form all over again
[09:24] <Macaroni> I am, a lil
[09:24] <PHurricane> I've been getting 555/kabuto
[09:25] <Slowking> well
[09:25] <Zony11> hey look snow
[09:25] <Slowking> i can see why you'd get kabuto vibes
[09:25] <Slowking> not much makes sense
[09:25] <Phoenix512> parkour, your favorite thing, Luna
[09:25] <Zony11> i get some w vibes
[09:25] <Lunagel> I do like the assassinatorings
[09:25] <Slowking> luna's best friend parkour
[09:25] <Lunagel> henshin!
[09:25] <Macaroni> parkour, I need pics of spider-man!
[09:26] <Zony11> these filters suck
[09:26] <PHurricane> and CM
[09:26] <Phoenix512> why there's a giant orange on my head
[09:26] <Lunagel> drive by CM!
[09:26] <Macaroni> best CM ever
[09:26] <Macaroni> by the timing, not the actual CM
[09:27] <Phoenix512> Luna, get your own super sound
[09:27] <Zony11> can we talk for a second about the utchi/ian centric episode next week
[09:27] <Lunagel> only if you spell ucchii correctly
[09:27] <PHurricane> man, couldn't koyomi just stay dead?
[09:27] <Zony11> lol
[09:27] <Lunagel> apparently not
[09:27] <Zony11> she is fake
[09:27] <Slowking> also
[09:27] <Zony11> most likely
[09:28] <Slowking> she looks as depressing as ever
[09:28] <Takumi555> do you have a moment to talk about jesus?
[09:28] <Takumi555> o~o
[09:28] <Zony11> metal pole= not going to work
[09:28] <Phoenix512> so that's how it works
[09:28] <Lunagel> interesting transformation
[09:28] <Phoenix512> people would be like "That suck so much ass" because it was hyped up so much
[09:28] <Lunagel> probably
[09:29] <Slowking> well
[09:29] <Slowking> it was hyped up so much
[09:29] <Lunagel> my head is an orange!
[09:29] <Slowking> although it looks better than i thought
[09:29] <Lunagel> the suit is pretty cool in action
[09:29] <Zony11> Orange Head!
[09:29] <Slowking> relatively simple, especially if you compared that to den-o's henshin
[09:29] <Phoenix512> parkour time but I suck
[09:29] <Macaroni> Wire-fu
[09:29] <PHurricane> that's what stairs are for
[09:29] <Slowking> i wonder if the final form will be a pumpkin
[09:29] <Lunagel> who's doing secondary rider this time around?
[09:30] <Zony11> LOL
[09:30] <Lunagel> is eitouku back yet?
[09:30] <Phoenix512> yeah
[09:30] <Lunagel> yay
[09:30] <Macaroni> yes
[09:30] <Slowking> heh
[09:30] <PHurricane> press all the buttons - that's pretty much how I play video games
[09:30] <Phoenix512> I didn't charge the gun enough
[09:30] <Lunagel> don't knock button mashing!
[09:30] <Lunagel> I won 6 games of tekken today with button mashing!
[09:30] <Macaroni> lol
[09:31] <Slowking> speaking of mash i shall make some potato mash
[09:31] <Phoenix512> it must be hard for Mr. Kamen Rider to go from experienced Wizard to inexperienced Gaim
[09:31] <Zony11> this is so like fourze with him not knowing what to do
[09:31] <Phoenix512> bitch, what are you doing
[09:31] <Lunagel> nice wig
[09:31] <Macaroni> least we know where White wizard's outfit went to
[09:31] <Lunagel> lol
[09:31] <Zony11> LOL
[09:32] <Phoenix512> cutting like a pro
[09:32] <Slowking> hmm so far im not digging the show much BUT the main character looks promising
[09:32] <Zony11> yeah
[09:32] <Phoenix512> slicing some oranges
[09:32] <Slowking> and i kinda tend to bias my opinion towards a show based on the main character
[09:32] <Lunagel> belt is unnecessarily complicated
[09:32] <Slowking> i dont like the knife
[09:32] <Zony11> his solution run up stairs.....
[09:33] <Slowking> the lock seed is ok and i can live another day to see those fruit being used
[09:33] <Phoenix512> I don't know how that knife could open the lock seed that easily
[09:33] <Phoenix512> I imagine a bunch of lock seeds being broken from this
[09:34] <Lunagel> most likely
[09:34] <Zony11> the blonde haired lady sounds like koyomi a little
[09:34] <Slowking> main problem with the knife is that it's asymmetrical
[09:34] <Lunagel> yeah
[09:34] <Lunagel> it's just not as pretty
[09:34] <Slowking> so it kind of ruins how the driver looks
[09:34] <Slowking> same with his helmet
[09:35] <Phoenix512> Luna, is there a Pineapple mark
[09:35] <Takumi555> dafuq was this
[09:35] <Lunagel> nope
[09:35] <Phoenix512> there's one more subbed CM
[09:35] <Slowking> was take not bothered to watch this again?
[09:35] <Slowking> XD
[09:35] <Lunagel> just the belt stuff
[09:35] <Phoenix512> I think it's after the Udon
[09:35] <PHurricane> yeah
[09:35] <Slowking> heh
[09:35] <Macaroni> wtf?
[09:35] <Takumi555> xD
[09:36] <PHurricane> I didn't hate it
[09:37] <Phoenix512> Gaim is just odd to say the least
[09:38] <Zony11> yeah
[09:38] <Slowking> im not impressed
[09:38] <Macaroni> I like Gaim so far
[09:38] <PHurricane> odd can be good - it'll take a few episodes to get a better feel for it
[09:38] <Slowking> usually with ep1 you sort of have a direction the show will follow
[09:38] <Zony11> just like kyoryuger
[09:38] <Lunagel> I think it's trying to do too much
[09:38] <Slowking> i just can't say the same for gaim
[09:39] <Slowking> maybe it's not that it's trying to do too much, i think one of the issues is just a really large cast
[09:39] <Phoenix512> not that much of a large cast, Slowking
[09:40] <Slowking> maybe im a bit biased phoenix because fourze/wizard introduced the cast slowly
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by redfarmer »

Wow that was a bad first episode. The first half I was bored. The second half I was scratching my head. I don't understand the dance teams. I don't understand the game. I don't understand who the hell Gaim is and why the dance team happens to have the same name. It's not like Kamen Rider Club that started after Fourze began. And is this supposed to be some wacked out future?

Oh God please let the dance motif fade to the background once all the riders are in place.

Is it just me or has it become cliche for the main rider to have dead parents? Just for once, I'd like to see a main rider who had a relatively normal childhood but still has something propelling them to fight. Kind of like Lunagel from Blade.

I actually kind of like the henshin. It's different and a good change of pace from the standard henshin we've become so used to, even though I agree it's weird as hell.

I learned the hard way with Kyoryuger not to judge a show too early but God I hope episode two is better than this one.
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by berry889 »

ahh fruits that fights... @_@

from my guess on the logic behind the dance is that the beat rider must have some benefits to Yggdrasil Corporation in term of Invess battle (possibly in experiment?) and the buckle are created just in case something goes wrong but maybe I was wrong
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by Grendizer »

Give it a few more episodes to improve, maybe it just got off to a rocky start because it's the boiler plate?
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by m4rc0 »

So, the beginning with Gaim and Baron leading Invess troops was interesting. I like the Warring States theme. I wonder how it'll play out. Probably to see who rules the world of street dance? And then the world.

Gaim was badass on that horse.

The Invess fight was interesting, but it will get old soon.

There's a Fuuto Tower like thing and they're in a fictional city like W. Also like W there's someone selling the things that creates monsters.

The Yggdrasil corporation is a reference to the tree and obviously will have ties to the lock seeds and that fruity dimension where they come from. This puts me at ease, because the invess themselves look like mindless monsters. Having someone to think behind them is good.

I wonder what part different color eyes princess will play.

And this season will have 5 riders at least. I wonder if we'll have a "2nd" later.

Gaim is another rider that just stumbled onto the belt.

Look! Gorou-chan from Ryuki is the store owner. And Deneb is the Narrator. Kakashi from Soukoku no Maryu showed up on the OP.

Not a big fan of the dancing theme, but it won't hurt. Just hope this season they actually use the big cast they have.

Mai and Neechan are cute, but too skinny.

I hated the 1st fight though. I understand he didn't know a thing about the belt, but it just seemed like a huge "look how they toy you'll buy soon works" moment. Didn't like how he just randomly picked the fruits. It would've been better if different eyes explained it to him.

I wonder what happens if a human eats the fruit. The Invess become stronger kaijin.

And why the seller wanted to give away a belt?

It was a good 1st ep. Showed a lot of the setting and raised lots of questions. The fruit theme bothered me less than I expected. And there are several interesting plot points. Let's hope Urobutcher delivers again

OP theme is ok.
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by Kogashi »

the main page image got me there for a second. Really there was some live action version of Fruits Basket I didn't know about that you were now subbing. Took me till I saw the tag 'Kamen Rider' that I remembered what happened last Sunday ><
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by Kilowog »

Phoenix512 wrote:Yeah, I didn't expect the Jet Set Radio route with Gaim. So people are like "This is cool but there's a chance the monsters from the game can attack people.

The Inves do look creepy and cool but I wish there was some info about what they are actually.

You know, I was thinking of the exact same thing. It felt like a combi of Jet Set Radio mixed in with Duel Monsters but without cards. It also led me to question how does the Samurai theme fit into all of this. It did bother me a little, just a little.

I DO like Gaim's design though! It makes me happy to see a Samurai themed rider, even if the fruit jokes are thrown all over the place, lol

After reading the producer and directors notes I can understand why this episode seemed rather unusual. Let's just hope it doesn't fall flat on it's face over time in trying too hard though.

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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by KR_Karasu »

It appears that Gaim is not a "who" yet, and neither is Baron. Both are just the name of respective dance teams.

Pokemon aspect bothered me less than I thought it would. Also, based on how it was shot, I wouldn't have caught that the Invess turned into the kaijin unless I had read about it beforehand. Hope the editing/direction is better next time.

Yggdrasil reference is blatant. Helheim forest (did they call it that yet?) less so. Helheim (or Hel) is the Norse land of the dead. Yggdrasil has three roots, one of which lies is Hel. Makes me wonder if we'll see two more locations like that.

Overall, it felt more like Super Sentai, with the brighter colors and such. I'm hoping the brightness is just hiding whatever stuff Urobuchi has up his sleeve.

I really want to see them "dye the world".
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by Lunagel »

Dear DJ guy

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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by takenoko »

I thought I saw Helheim somewhere in the episode.

You have your young people gang wars with pokemon, you have dj sagara in your face (literally), your Norse terms, your Sengoku warring history, and then you have fruit locks or locks and fruit. It's pretty hard to make all that stuff mix together well.

Then again, Den-O had a time traveling train, Imagin, an Oni imagin, and a peach rider.

I dunno, I think it'll just take a few episodes for it to settle in with itself
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

Post by zeta_gundam »

I'm assuming the opening scene is from the Sengoku Era. Why the freaking hell does Baron (?) have a bike?!?

So, the locks summon monsters, and if you drop the locks, you lose control of said monsters? Yeah, let's continue playing this game and potentially destroy the city and kill ourselves. <Teenage logic>

How was the portal to the Inves' world (the one Kouta and Mai stepped into) open in the first place? Yuuya opened it? And man, does the filter hurt.

Why does Sid have the Driver in the first place? What's the role of the DJ? Why are kids fighting over dancing spaces?

And Yggdrasill's obviously the bad guy of sorts...

The transformation... that's... it? Seriously? After promoting it for weeks, that's it??

I dunno, there's too much going on, and I have no idea what's at stake here. Somehow, I'm not hyped for the series at all. It's unlike previous Rider series, where at the end of the first episode, I go "Oh, that's interesting. I wonder what's next." This is more of like "Wow, this is a headache. I hope it gets better."
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Re: KR Gaim 01 released

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Lunagel wrote:Dear DJ guy

Should we replace him with Suzuki Yamamoto?
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