Gaim Gaiden: Zangetsu / Baron released!

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Re: Gaim Gaiden: Zangetsu / Baron released!

Post by JustiFanV2 » Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:58 pm

DevGryphon wrote:Believe in my Flush is the theme song for Pachinko Kamen Rider V3 Gold Version. The song came out before Gaim ended but the MV didn't come out till this past April.
Ah interesting. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. :)
Kuchiri wrote:After the first ten minutes I was getting into the movie and actually was enjoying it...then dirt bikes.... Just... dirt bikes.
Yeah that threw me too. At first I figured they were Lock Vehicles which at least would've explained how they just appeared out of nowhere, but then I looked closer and... nope, just regular bikes. Totally random!

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Re: Gaim Gaiden: Zangetsu / Baron released!

Post by ViRGE » Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:19 am

I think I'm going to have to disagree with takenoko here. I felt both movies were bad in their own ways. Granted, both were better than the summer movie, but that is admittedly setting the bar about as low as it can go.

Zangetsu: As someone else already pointed out, Takatora was criminally underutilized in the series. So giving him his own movie is great. We get to find out that there's more of a burden he carries than just saving the world - what with his father being a figurative monster and all (man, Terror Dopant is getting old) - and that's something the character needed. However it feels like the Gaim series writers gave someone the major plot points and let them go wild filling in the rest.

Ignoring the out-of-nowhere Rider for the moment, large parts are just sort of half-baked. Amagi had a child maid even though such a thing would be massively illegal, all so that Takatora could have a love interest without having to spend the time building the relationship. And even then Touka is a poor composite of the female love interest and the assassin with a chip on their shoulder, as it's obvious early on that the mysterious assassin is the one new character to the story.

Having her fight Youko is ironic in a sense. Youko was still a somewhat shallow character thanks to how Toku handles women, but compared to Touka she was at least a real character. I'm sure the fight was for the purposes of having a cat fight, but it just illustrates how far the movie slides compared to the series in how women are handled. Not that I'm trying to be on a soap box here, only that such poor characters make it harder to enjoy the movie since you can't help but cringe at the use of such a cookie cutter character.

Baron: I'm glad to see Kobayashi Yutaka has range and won't have to spend his whole career acting gruff. On the other hand it doesn't change the fact that Kobayashi Yutaka acting wacky is not all that entertaining in this context. He may have range, but he's damn good playing Kaito, as evidenced by the series and every moment he's playing Kaito in this movie.

Also, dirt bikes. A minute and a half of dirt bikes. Are we sure they weren't advertising a toy there? Because there was no fighting; that was a short motocross exhibition.:P

On the plus side, Ryoma remains a magnificent bastard, through and through. I don't care if Yggdrasil made him that way in the first place, either way he's the knife in everyone's back that keeps things interesting.
takenoko wrote: I'm disappointed that Minami Tsukui wasn't the suit actor for Idunn, but you can't have everything.
You and me both. At the very least getting her to play Touka in her cat suit would have made a ton of sense; the guy doing the work was lanky and was very obviously not the same person. :o

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That's so ridiculous
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Re: Gaim Gaiden: Zangetsu / Baron released!

Post by ultrasanto » Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:57 am


I hadn t seen that in raw or subbed so it was a great surprised...and excellent it was ....
I like Zangetsu as my favorite GAIM least a Rider that is not a borderline teenager...
I like the BARON movie too, not quite as good as ZANGETSU but still quite enjoyable....

I m still waiting for the TV-NIHON KAMEN RIDER DRIVE FULL THROTTLE...its always kinda rough to watch the pitiful Overtime version but I d rather be patient for the TV NIHON quality...

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Re: Gaim Gaiden: Zangetsu / Baron released!

Post by Renigami » Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:08 pm

Phoenix512 wrote:I imagine that the Baron part was to show off Kobayashi Yutaka's silly side along with baking skills.
I figured that this was the case the moment I saw Kaito.wimp in the kitchen. I think it is also a good excuse for the actor to exercise more character than Kaito.stonecold.
I wish they used the actual Lock Seed bikes for the bike scene between Tyrant and Baron. It look too weird for them to use dirt bikes for the scene.
That came out of nowhere and for no good reason. At the very least, Ryoma could have outfitted the storage case with a vehicle lockseed labeled along the lines of prototype as well. And definitely by that time, Kaito.stonecold has his own vehicle lockseed to combat that out of nowhere procurement of the dirt bike.

Something that ALWAYS bothered me about Baron is that he NEVER uses the banana lance as well what a lance is supposed to be, a piercing weapon and a thrusting weapon. Since the two are going at each other full forward on bikes, you think he could be using the banana spear as a jousting weapon with more effect. But no, you may as well create another orange sword version two user with the banana lockseed since Kaito ALWAYS swings that thing like a sharpened sword instead. Or even better, since he is the main rival to Kouta, give him a Musou saber alongside Takatora.

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Re: Gaim Gaiden: Zangetsu / Baron released!

Post by Renigami » Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:17 pm

Overall, I enjoyed the Takatora half. It goes well into more depth of Yggdrasill's shadowy depths, internal-internal corporate development, and also threw in how Ryoma Sengoku came to be with his short appearance (and how possibly he has been named too being an experimental child himself!). The Baron half was a bit weak, and I assume is to give more screentime to the dragon fruit lockseed, that was a bit short in the Zangetsu half.

I did enjoy the Suika prototype armor donning. But why is it a clone of the Melon lockseed weaponset, with the shield, was off-putting at first, until I noticed the gattling bit at the end of the shield. And on a logical development note of verse-canon, it would make sense for the finalized Suika lockseed armor to be a full mecha suit to be able to handle the firepower of the gattling gun on the prototype shield. Hell, if in real life the gattling gun of the A-10 PUSHES the plane back, it also make sense that the use of the gun for the Suika prototype would tire the user greatly. It is touches like this why I like some of these implementations of Kamen Rider over Sentai. (well, good Kamen Rider - let's not speak of that fuckery of Wizard and sparkle sparkle sparkle, or OOOs in magical handwaving alchemy and loads of unused character quirks)
ViRGE wrote:what with his father being a figurative monster and all (man, Terror Dopant is getting old)
Watching that again, and oh my! Even initially, I knew that voice sound familiar.... now I am going to think the Sonzaki household folded and became the Kureshima household. Or that he also headed the Kureshima household AND the Sonzaki household...

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