Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Such a fruit

How did you find Gaim?

***** Golden Fruit
**** Fruit Basket
*** Delicious Fruit
** Rotten Fruit
* Fruit of the Underworld
Total votes: 97

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Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by takenoko » Wed May 13, 2015 11:13 pm

What can I say? Even with whatever flaws it has, it's a 5. Simply stands above other toku in every way.


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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by xiiliea » Wed May 13, 2015 11:33 pm

It goes into 5/5 category for me, but on a low end because I hated all the drama quarrels, but other than that, everything else is perfect... except Kiwami Arms design. It's just a normal plain armor with pictures of fruits drawn on it. They didn't even bother to do any carvings.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by lennyhouston16 » Thu May 14, 2015 12:32 am

The best toku show and one of THE BEST shows I've seen in my life! The characters, the plot, the drama, the suspense! What's not to love in Gaim other than the fillers? As far as I am concerned, episode 46 was the official finale for me. As a writer, this show has given me so much insight on how to develop several aspects of a story without being completely obvious or ambiguous. Plus, who would have thought a show about dancing fruity riders (at least from the start) would be so epic?

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by TokuCasual » Thu May 14, 2015 12:33 am

Seen it twice. A 5 for me as well. Ryouma is one of my fav toku villain. That wicked confidence.

The fruit is sweet.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by Lunagel » Thu May 14, 2015 12:44 am

I mean, there's really nothing bad to say. This is Kamen Rider done to the best it could possibly be. You've got some low spots with the movies (which don't tie in to the main plot and therefore are skippable) and the crossover episodes, but excluding those, you've got a fantastic show for kids and adults. It's intriguing and funny and I wish Urobuchi will do more KR.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by Bomyne » Thu May 14, 2015 12:57 am

Kamen Rider just continues to get better and better every year and Gaim was no exception. What I liked about it was that unlike most Hero shows, KR and SS included, Gaim wasn't initially about being a hero. The Riders thought they were just having fun, but they didn't realize the dark secret to their powers.

I admit when I first heard the rumors, I thought that after the awesomeness of Wizard... Fruit Samurai? Come on, LAME!.... Boy, I was glad to be proven wrong. The fruit motif was really well done, I would have liked some more history of the other world, but for what we had, it was awesome.

But like all shows, there is a downside... Mitchy. He was naive during the entire show. His guilible nature is shown as early as episode 11... and as late as... 45? I think. When Ryouma deceives him into getting rid of Kouta. Mitchy's first sign on character growth came at the end of 46, and during 47.

And the Genesis Driver's self destruct device... Ryouma pointed it out in said episode how idiotic they were for not expecting it.. It also left open a question for me. If the Driver was destroyed, was the Genesis Core itself destroyed with it? Was Kaito unable to do a Jimba Arms?
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by dualvision1984 » Thu May 14, 2015 1:13 am

For me, it is 5 out of 5 as well. Love the story line and how each character grows in the series. Micchy is pain the ass but it is good that he went back in being Kouta's best buddy in the end. Satisfied with the show. I wonder how the Gaim Gaiden will look like.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by DaVinci030 » Thu May 14, 2015 1:44 am

5 for me!!! Gaim is one of my favorite Heisei Rider shows. The storyline from Urobuchi Gen is outstanding.

I wonder if the story sequel from Haganeya Jin (Movie Taisen Full Throttle) looks like. Especially Gaim Gaiden series.

I kinda like these characters: Kouta and Mai. Thinking they're look like the first humans (by Sagara?).
I like Kaito as well. He only interest in obtaining powers, defeating the weak, whatever.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by CrazyBlaze » Thu May 14, 2015 4:17 am

I seem to be in the minority here because I found Gaim to be just okay. The story is diffidently one of the better ones presented in Kamen Rider but not the best to me. The characters felt flat for the most part with the exception of a few (Michi, Kaito and Ryouma being the best of the lot). Most of them felt like their personalities would flop around to fit the story and not stay focused and how they would react. Though with the amount of characters in the show thats not surprising. If they had taken a couple of episodes, or added a few more, with guest writers to flesh these characters out more I would have liked the show a whole lot more. Thats another problem with the show, the pacing. One we get past the Beat Riders dance epiosde everything just goes at a break neck speed with a cliff hanger every week. By the end I was rolling my eyes going ""Oh look, another cliff hanger". It was tiring. Its why i enjoyed the VS. Special and the robot one, even if they did feel out of place they helped slow down the pace and give us some decent character time with Kouta. There aren't many shows I would say this about but Gaim diffidently would have been improved with a couple of fillers or MOTW later on in the series, especially the ones that focused on the side characters.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by Sentai_ZXR7 » Thu May 14, 2015 4:38 am

Kamen Rider Gaim is an excellent example of fine series concept!
The determination to protect people by Kouta Kazuraba, the other players mixed well in this series.
Drive has not surpassed the previous series in all aspects.
The most striking difference is the Feudal era concept, probably most japanes people have longend for such moment in their history.
Overall, this series is good to watch over and over again!

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by Go-On Macaroni » Thu May 14, 2015 5:43 am

I could say that Gaim was super-special awesome given how I tuned in a lot but.. man, Bandai's gonna make it hard for me to ever question a Rider theme again since it'll be like "We did fruit Riders, how more stupid do you expect us to get?! =D", "Good question".

The show itself.. I guess if you ignore Malika's stupidly-filmed death scene and Oren's existence then it's decent enough. I'd give it a 3.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by toni2212 » Thu May 14, 2015 9:30 am

My sig is saying much. This is the Kamen Rider series that makes me want to know what will happen next, and more importantly how things are going to happen next. The first 10 ep is probably the only ep that doesn't peak my interest much, but after that it's freaking mindblowing. The movies are a bit disappointing though (with exception of vs Wizard, and from what I heard the Gaiden series too). Truly the most outstanding KR series between the Neo-Heisei era.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by wisdomcat » Thu May 14, 2015 1:13 pm

5/5 this is probably the first Kamen Rider series to throw away the 2 arc story and go with several huge arc episodes. They also really developed some of their characters really well. Like Micchy, he was developed as a good guy in the beginning but he slowly develops into an bad guy but in the end they redeem him to be a good guy. Without the special episodes in the series then its totally good.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by Kogashi » Thu May 14, 2015 4:51 pm

A wondrous mix of Kamen Rider action pieces, and an Urobuchi characters. Not making things simple with pure evil villains, but not over weighty with complex 'I'm doing this for a reason' villains alone. As said before yes there's flaws but to give this anything less than a 5 I feel would be insulting. I mean everything has flaws, what's the point of 5s if we can't use them despite that.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Gaim

Post by miryoku » Thu May 14, 2015 6:00 pm

5000000000000000000/5 for me!!! XD
Gaim has been one of the Best kamen rider shows that i have ever watched!!

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