ToQ Henshin Bracelet is dirt cheap on Amazon... but hold on a second ....

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I am not a number. I am an individual!
I am not a number. I am an individual!
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ToQ Henshin Bracelet is dirt cheap on Amazon... but hold on a second ....

Post by IrocD » Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:05 pm

Hello everyone... I think this is the first time I've posted in the forum, but I'm a huge TV-N fan. I even just recently converted my huge toku collection to all TV-Nihon, excepting when a much better resolution with at least decent subs exists (which isn't much if you ask me!).

Anyhow, I've had my eyes on the ToQ Changer on Amazon (I can't post a link but it's a super easy one to find) which for someone in the US to be able to get a genuine BoJ henshin device, next day if they so choose, for under $20 (shipped free with another item, but still would have only been a few dollars or free on it's own) is nothing short of awesome. Especially one as high quality and feature-rich as this. Even the box came mint! I can take pics if anyone wants to see.

So anyway it arrived today, and is probably the best $16.80 I have ever spent in my life. The fact that additional Resshas are inexpensive only adds to its play possibilities as well. However, there's a small problem... well... a sort-of 'big' problem... my forearm/wrist area. I'm a big guy, and this thing has belts on it that are surprisingly accommodating too... but I really can't get it belted on; at least not doing it by myself. I know that Bandai sells belt extenders for the belt-based henshin devices, but a search has yielded no similar device for bracelet-type ones. I'm sure they just don't expect someone with my circumference wrists (only 7.5" but just a hair too big I guess) to be wearing the toy. It's a shame too, because it's super fun messing around with it not strapped on my wrist, never mind properly equipping it.

I have of course already visually compared the rubber wrist straps (very high quality ones too) with the extender belt sold on Amazon, and not only are the holes not shaped the same, but it actually costs like $10 more than the entire toy did. For less money I could buy a second toy and use those belt(s) to extend mine, and have an entire extra device and Red Ressha to boot. So in closing, I highly recommend this purchase to any ToQger or Sentai fan in the US, and they also seem to have a TON of other mecha and henshin devices + related collectables in stock in US warehouses too. I'm also betting this one might increase in value if Saban adapts ToQger for a PR show (which I don't think they will, but that's a story for another thread).
But the true agenda of this post is to ask if anyone has any non-gaudy looking (haha) suggestions on extending this belt (besides what I already mentioned)? Suggestions and dialogue of any kind welcomed! :wink:

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