KR Drive 01 released

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How are you liking Drive so far?

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Team Gaim
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by HarryFA1 »

Gotta say, I found this episode pretty underwhelming. The prologue scenes were fine (for the most part), & the first half of the episode was ok. But the second half of the episode seemed too much like a toy commercial. Granted, Rider & Sentai pretty much exist to sell toys, but there's a way of being subtle about it.

Some general notes:

-Why do we even need Drive? It seems like the Shift Cars can just 1-hit KO-ing all the Roimuid by themselves. It's like having a bunch of Fang Memories, or Mini-Denliners.
-Speaking of which, I find the Shift Cars really silly (yes I know we just had Fruit locks, but still). Maybe I'd be ok with them if they didn't make the stupid "beep beep" sounds.
-And as for the Roimuid, I really like their aesthetic. They give off this cool, twisted machinary kinda vibe.
-Solid opening theme by Eternal himself; Mitsuru Matsuoka.
-"You've forgotten how to start your Engine", "It looks like he shifted into gear", "The road just got wider." Aaargh! Stop it with all the car metaphors!
-I know it's "Funky Spike", but I'm pretty sure we all heard something different.
-Did that Roimuid have 2 numbers?
-That was pretty unique Rider Kick. Don't think I've ever seen anyone use the 'pinball' technique before.
-There definately wasn't much focus on the "mystery" this episode. Gotta show off them Hot Wheels!
-I'm left with a bunch of questions, such as; Did they just give Shinnosuke the car without telling him anything? Did Shinnosuke ever think it weird he was given a race car to do police work? Why does Drive need to be kept a secret from the rest of the special cases department? They're all cops so why does it matter? But I'm guessing these will be answered later on (if at all).

Like I said, I felt this was a pretty rough start for Drive. But hey, sometimes a rough start results in a really solid show. I mean look at Blade for instance. In any case, I'll be sticking with Drive for now, we'll see where it goes.
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by Kilowog »

Oh, Cool!! Another talking belt!

While I love Kivat, this one is actually more laid back and "cool" :)

I'm liking the car a lot. While I heard it transforms it's odd seeing the two wheels on the top back. I still like the car XD. Did I tell you l like the car? lol Sorry, it is a sweet ride and awesome that a big company can come up with something like this :)

It's nice to see the police force being the main focus and doing things. While the police have done some things in past series it has been a while.

As a car enthusiast I can say that I like the theme and execution of Drive's abilities. His finisher blew my mind!

The Shift Cars are interesting! Wish these things were around when I was a kid; all I had were Hot Wheels XD

The villains, truth be told, seem rather intimidating with their powers and design.

But yea overall this picked up rather well from our fun with Gaim.
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by Shanneene »

I usually wait until a few episodes are available, and then I will watch it, and have a mini marathon of it. That being said, this looks to be a great new Kamen Rider series. :)
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Complacent masses
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by jomelcaelum »

I'm having fun on all Kamen Riders when i started watching it every week here in TV-Nihon since Kamen Rider Wizard and I think that Drive is unique and cool! The 1st episode feels like they are introducing all Drive's powers and i like the Drive Kick Combo too! I hope more actions to it and effects! :)
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by MadCow »

I'm having mixed feelings about this. On one hand, the plot looks very interesting, and it's a global phenomenon! (hmm... Happiness Charge Pretty Cure also had the Phantom Empire invasion be a global thing... I wonder if we will see cameos of global riders just like HapCharge...)

Also like the fact that the victims weren't actually killed, our main character-san was smart enough to deduced that, and I'd like to see where this is going.

On the other hand, the CGI looks very cheap; if they keep spamming this kind of cars-on-tracks effects every episode, it's going to get annoying fast.

I didn't care much about the numbered monsters but the three main antagonists (I assume they are antagonists, from the looks of the OP even though we only saw one of them at the end) look interesting, even better if they were human and commanding/manipulating the monsters.
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Rising to the Top
Rising to the Top
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

HarryFA1 wrote:-Why do we even need Drive? It seems like the Shift Cars can just 1-hit KO-ing all the Roimuid by themselves. It's like having a bunch of Fang Memories, or Mini-Denliners.
Because Shift Cars can't completely kill a Roidmude by themselves (but then again, Drive can't kill some of them either).

Also it's Roidmude now. That's what Toei has the spelling as.
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Complacent masses
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by narshkajke »

death by hot wheels, wow, just wow.
The monster seems competent in the first half, killing many people, stopping time and stuff, but then getting curb-stomped by toy cars.

So let me get this straight, the police department don't know about him being a kamen rider? and his car and him as a kamen rider is a secret?
So why nobody asking why he got a weird red car as a police car??

on the plus side, defeating 3 monsters on the first episode? That's a new record
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Team Gaim
Team Gaim
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by kyoichikiller90 »

Is it me or do you guys realized that Kamen Rider Drive first appeared to be black suits and not red?
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by Kuchiri »

The Black Drive is probably going to be like the White Wizard. We are going to see it thoughout OR somehow the Belt was a person who was the Black Drive.
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by darkmage02 »

So, it's Kabuto meets W? I'm hoping I'm not the only one that thinks of Kabuto's clock up with the whole speed down speed up thing.

Wish Tendou can step in and be like "let me show you how it's done. Henshin. Clock up! Kills all monsters before Drive even get to blink."

Okay back to the episode.

Not a bad start actually. I have a feeling I'm gonna like the OP song. It already kinda sticks to my head now. Gonna take a little getting used to with the goofy vibes after weeks of heavy stuffs from Gaim, but this looks like there's going to be some underlining of a darker tone. Maybe it will end up being more like Den-O than W.

Speaking of which, I hope they don't overdo the goofy-ness. A little here or there is good, but I prefer subtlety over in-your-face-kind. I hated Akiko's antics in W. Though Kiriko throwing her slippers boots at Shinno is some real nod at Akiko.

Why does Drive needs to go into all 4 forms in one episode? Jeez.

But it's a rather decent and enjoyable episode. Looking forward to the next spin!
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by gmottl »

worst part about episode 1- it's episode one, now i have to wait a week for more of this. i was really into gaim but now it's like "gaim who". cant wait for more.
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by Uzur9 »

HarryFA1 wrote: -I know it's "Funky Spike", but I'm pretty sure we all heard something different.
XD Glad to see I wasn't the only one. " Spike"

*EDIT* We go from *Dancing Fruit Ninja* to *Hot Wheels Detective* that gives me a RyuKenDo feel.
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by Vraptor140 »

Glad to finally see the full episode, and it seems like it'll be an interesting story. I've seen the complaints about arcs but I think we got here a good compromise, Drive finished the roimude but it'll be back with a new body as well as with the resolution to the mystery.

As this is the first episode I do want to comment on the subs, particularly on the tire change effect, the tire silhouettes are fine but maybe their actual logos would work better since there's a chance some might end up looking the same in the current ones.
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by takenoko »

Oh, you mean like use the logo on Drive's belt? That's probably a good idea.
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Re: KR Drive 01 released

Post by KamenRiderRival »

WHOOOO! I've been waiting for this to be subbed by you guys! :D

I got the OT subs so I could watch it earlier and on several rewatches my thoughts are pretty much consistent. I really liked the pace of this episode, it was a good mix between character introductions and the obligatory showing off of the new Rider and his gimmick. To me, the Shift Cars are perfectly fine, their 'beeps' make them feel more alive and I love the fact they can beat a baddie, somewhat, on their own. The fact that they can't permanently destroy it, doesn't make them feel over powered.
The characters are easy going and none seem to be dismissible as of yet, though Tomari seems to be a mix of Shoutarou and Eiji to me - the detective background and the laid-backness respectively and the tragic personal back story can apply to both - but it's early days so I hope he gets his own personality soon. The belt though, oh that belt. I was really worried it would be a flop - a terrible AI character - but actually I really like him so far. The voice is really cool, the dialogue is good that only thing I have against him is the god-damn awful faces he pulls on the Drive Driver (fabulous name I think! XD).
Although I love Drive's design, I wasn't 100% sold of the massive tire, and on seeing the suit without it doesn't make the decision easier, but because I also like the gimmick I can live with it if I decide against it. With Type Speed, it works well imo. I'll withhold the final judgement until I see more of Drive's other types (Wild and Technique) and of course his upgrades.
Gimmick was, like I said, well handled - yes it was flashy to show off the toys if you're a bit cynical - and I'm excited to see more of them. I love the names: MAX FLARE! FUNKY SPIKE! MIDNIGHT SHADOW! Also I love the fact the Tire Change (or Koukan) is produced by that awesome car. Nice touch.
On the subject of the car, it's flashy and red and looks awesome. That's about it, I don't overtly care that much about. I come for the fighting and characters, not the bikes/cars :P
And the opening. It's strong and clear and thankfully not so much of an earworm! Surprise Drive seems to reflect a more toned down approach to Kamen Rider this series, compared to the in-yer-face JUST LIVE MORE we had with Gaim just past. Also is it just me, or does this opening have a LOT of English words and phrases in it?

As for ze subs and that, I'm not personally 100% set on the typeset for general speech for some reason (it may change as the series continues), but Mr. Belt's speech and the baddie people's are really good. Also, thank you for keeping 'Tire Change', I saw it subbed as 'Tire Switch' somewhere and cringed. I have to admit though, the effects for said Tire Changes are absolutely brilliant. I love them, the fact you use the Tires themselves, rather then their symbols on the Driver, is a real nice touch. And the effect for the 'FL-FL-FLARE!' and whatever was great too (though from seeing a toy review, not sure about the whole 3 times lever thing being repeated, but that's a nitpick).

Drive on! :D
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