Drive & Gaim Movie Taisen Full Throttle released

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Re: Drive & Gaim Movie Taisen Full Throttle released

Post by Catastrophe » Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:51 pm

Loved this movie. Scene with Gaims giant hat armour and the car was fantastic.

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Re: Drive & Gaim Movie Taisen Full Throttle released

Post by TNT » Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:05 am

wisdomcat wrote:
TNT wrote:Guess I'll try the gaidens now, I'll probably skip the cross over since I won't be watching Drive. By the time I finish that the new ice age will be upon us.
Watch the crossover, my girlfriend watched it with me but she only saw the first episode of Drive but she understand what was happening. Gaim's epilogue is pretty sweet and Drive's part is fun to watch as well.
Conan_Edogawa wrote: I would say see the crossover, even if you don't watch Drive, just because it makes for a decent epilogue to the series, and the actual crossover part has decent comedy between Kouta and Shinnosuke (Drive, since you said you aren't watching).
Thanks to these excellent recommendations I watched the movie this week. It may be the best Kamen Rider cross over movie I've ever seen.
I liked the respective bits, I liked the idea of the villain and how they managed to make him threatening to a space god. Even better was how they had no trouble calling out how insane Gaim was. Them trying to get in the car with their powered up modes, followed by god having trouble with his seatbelt cracked me up.
The not death star trench was awesome as well. Truly a very enjoyable movie.

Thanks for the recommendation Wisdomcat and Conan and thanks for subbing.

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Re: Drive & Gaim Movie Taisen Full Throttle released

Post by Skeith » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:01 pm

Been trying to download this to finally watch it, but it won't for some reason. These HD720 batch bunches never download for me. Wish it was still single by itself. :(

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