Waiting for latest episode.

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Waiting for latest episode.

Post by Eric »

I was waiting for several days and haven't released a latest episode of Drive. Why Am I waiting for nothing?
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Re: Waiting for latest episode.

Post by takenoko »

We're just a bit busy right now. Just be patient.
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Re: Waiting for latest episode.

Post by Lunagel »

This is what we do in our free time, just like you watch it in your free time. We have jobs and lives and families and those take priority. So please don't complain if we're not as fast some weeks, we probably have some personal matter going on, just like how some weeks you don't watch immediately because you have something happening.
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Rising to the Top
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Re: Waiting for latest episode.

Post by Yaiba »

We are doing this for free in our free time. Sometimes there are things we need to deal with in the real life, and as Luna said, real life always takes priority. We try our best to release an episode before the next episode airs, but if you can't wait, there are always other sub groups out there that sub the show. Please don't come here and complain about we didn't release it within the time frame you expect.
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Re: Waiting for latest episode.

Post by Triple M »

While patiently and maturely waiting for us to release the next Drive, may I suggest you check out Black?
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