How I would've done Episode 33.

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How I would've done Episode 33.

Post by Iccirrion » Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:44 pm

This is just an idea I wanted to share, as I'm curious what others will think about it.

When I watched episode 32 of Drive I suddenly got in my head how I wanted episode 33 to play out, of course, I knew full well that it wasn't going to go that way, but I spent the next week imagining the situation anyway.
It all originated from Shinnosuke's death, which I thought was done far too well, it was quick, surprising (if I hadn't watched the episode preview anyway) and instant, there were no last words or anything, just 'BANG, you're dead'. Which is honestly how I feel deaths should be in stories, especially if it's a major character. So to sum up, I would've kept Shinnosuke dead, not that I have anything against his character, I just feel it was done to well to be wasted with a resurrection scenario.
What I wanted to see in episode 33 was the development of Shift Tridoron, not just as a power up and final form for Drive, but an upgrade to the base system that overcame the fact that only Shinnosuke had been able to transform with it. I imagine this would lead on through the episode looking at a debate as to whether Chase or Go would replace Shinnosuke as Drive, being as they were both already Riders and would be the quickest to adapt, but rather than either of them eventually becoming Drive, Kiriko would take Shinnosuke's place, believing that as his buddy she should be the one to carry on where he left off.
Since then I have been pondering whether something along the lines of Krim copying Shinnosuke's data into the Drive Driver so that Kiriko would still be fighting with him, but I'm not sure about that aspect.

To summarise: Shinnosuke stays dead but Kiriko takes up the mantle of Kamen Rider Drive.

This is just an idea I had about how I would've done it, I'm not trying to say that the way it was done was wrong or anything like that, I'm just curious as to what anyone else has to say about it, good or bad.

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