Ninninger 39 sanjou!

Nin nin de gozaru!
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Re: Ninninger 39 sanjou!

Post by Catastrophe »

I imagine he's going to bite fairly soon. I imagine our foxy friend won't take kindly to him.
Roz JC
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Re: Ninninger 39 sanjou!

Post by Roz JC »

midorininger wrote:yeah, he isnt so good towards tactician guy either. guess they want him to be a brat of sorts or preparing us for how ruthless his dad could be.
I expected that to happen from the point he revealed he was actually toying with the Ninningers.

I was hoping he'd stay a fool lord until Gengetsu showed up at least and smacked some sense into him.

But such is life...
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Re: Ninninger 39 sanjou!

Post by xPrimexTimex »

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

This was a 5.

Kasumi has always been competent and been able to come up with great plans that when her plan went horribly wrong I thought it was still part of her talking about it! I thought that she would have planned for that and then it would get better. And then it didn't. I don't think they portrayed it correctly but the feeling I got when she was crying and not doing anything was her in disbelief/shock that not only did her plan fail, she did the very thing she reminded the others not to do: she underestimated him! Not to mention Fuuka takes a pretty good beating! She explains it afterwards but during the battle it feels like she just gave up and that's not the case.

I LOVE that she took the brace away from Takaharu. It would've been worse if he gave it to her or he used it himself but her taking it works perfectly. Even though it's a team battle she still has her pride to restore and she's going to do it on her terms and her terms only. This is also why I like her choosing not to use Chozetsu, even though seeing Transcendent Momoninnger would have been really cool.

If Mangetsu doesn't run away I believe that battle ends with Kasumi delivering the final blow to kill him. Hopefully when he finally gets defeated it'll be Kasumi dealing that blow, but him dying right now would have wrong because then it just feels like a monster of the week.

Kasumi is my Last Ninja through and through.
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