Ninninger Movie sanjou!

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Ninninger Movie sanjou!

Post by takenoko » Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:04 am

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I think we all know what to expect from these things now. So please... let's not go into the length or the pacing again. So knowing that this will always be a story-lite action flick, let's get into this.

I really like the beginning. Seeing them run across the roof and using the castle as a setting made for some gorgeous imagery. Also ninja kites are always hilarious.

I like Tsumuji's owl. That should show up more, since that's badass.

The arrow through the lord's gut and into the Nin Shuriken was a nice shocker. It really throws a wrench into the "here's your new item of the episode, take it and use it" sort of thing. Although, he was a dinosaur for like 2 seconds? I kind of think it would have been cooler if he died, but hey, kid's movie.

Again, I think the star player in this was the setting. The verticality made for a lot of scrambling over things, climbing, or dropping down which made the fight scenes feel a bit more fresh.

I also like the bad guy's design. I think it's sleek. I like the style of armor that bowmen wear in ancient Japan. And a bow that splits into blades is cool.

Now that the series is almost over, I feel like they really missed the chance to do something great with their gimmick. Maybe I missed it, but did the dinosaur head in the mecha chest bite or breathe fire or anything? It just feels like the throne pieces are all so interchangeable that they're kind of boring. Here's what the meeting for this design was "Oh, it's a dinosaur, so let's give him a drill tail, because that's what Sentai dinosaur mechs do." Blah. Maybe you can call it a trope at this point, but as a whole, I think the ShurikenJin stuff is underwhelming.

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Re: Ninninger Movie sanjou!

Post by PHurricane » Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:14 am

Why does the Igasaki dad get owl mail? I thought Yakumo was the Harry Potter rip-off. The message was amazingly high-tech too. Video projected from a sheet of paper.

Now that that’s off my chest, I liked it. It seems like the less I like a series, the more I enjoy its summer movie. It’s probably partly because my expectations are low, but it’s nice to have a defined plot that’s resolved by the end of the movie.

That shuriken attack formed from the four swords was pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing that effect used again in-series.

Starninger jumping up to be in the group pose, but then slowly falling since he didn’t have anything to stand on was unintentionally hilarious.

Kasumi saying that Dinomaru was the dragon’s true form once the curse was’s still a dinosaur, not a dragon. Whatever. It didn’t bother me, but I found it to be odd. Maybe the legend got passed down wrong, since the Japanese words are so similar.

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Re: Ninninger Movie sanjou!

Post by Phoenix512 » Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:47 am

We should know by now that ninjas can't do math or tell legends correctly.

At least Kinji was in the movie for a decent amount unlike some other extra members in past movies.

The one thing I don't get was when they were talking about the curse and mention that breaking the horn would dispel the curse, why they didn't do that to the human size version? It seem very odd to mention this and not give an explanation why they didn't try on him when human sized compared doing it when he's a giant dinosaur monster.

The Dino head did not do anything at all when it was the chestpiece.

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Re: Ninninger Movie sanjou!

Post by ViRGE » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:06 am

Well for a summer Sentai movie, that was very inoffensive. Which is an odd compliment to make, but so often the summer movies are awful to the point of being offensive, that this is immediately one of the better movies.

For once the pacing is actually decent. it moves as quick as ever - here's the dragon, back to action! - but it's not as disjointed as prior movies. The heroes have a job to do, so they focus on getting it done. And in the meantime the action is well done like always; and I also agree with takenoko that the setting worked well. Hey kids, be sure to visit Toei Movie Village, we beg of you! :P

Meanwhile even though ShurikenJin itself gets minimal screen time, at least they made a proper suit for this form, and there was a model for the head of Dinomaru as well. This is a big step up from the ToQ movie, which was pure CGI for its movie mech.

Hey! It's the mooks with hats! We haven't seen those guys in almost a year. Given the fact that the show switched styles so early, I'm actually kind of curious how that came about. Was this filmed so early that they were still using that style mook, or perhaps they didn't have enough of the new mook suits to stage the kind of huge battles they filmed? Also spotted: Kinji, lots of Kinji. As Phoenix notes, he was actually a big part of this movie, which is another welcome change from past movies.

Finally, the fact that they threw in a dinosaur for this movie for seemingly no good reason certainly raises some questions. Jurassic World was out over the summer, so maybe Toei was trying to cash in on dinosaurs?

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Re: Ninninger Movie sanjou!

Post by midorininger » Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:28 am

because if they broke the horn before love and peace returned perhaps he'd be the wicked dragon, here, we have him truly filled with love and peace and being forced into wicked dragon mode.
was it just me or did the dinoshuriken look very much like the gekiastsu karakuri shurikens?

and yeah the setting was just tops!
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Re: Ninninger Movie sanjou!

Post by Hoshinger » Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:35 pm

About time this came out because seeing the trailer for it ovwe the summer was torture. I hope that Dinomaru comes back because he seemed really powerful.

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