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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by Kuchiri »

Seasons like Ninninger are the seasons that make me hope that Saban doesn't Eff things up. I mean there's enough good footage here for a decent story for 'Ninja Steel' and if done right it could be better than Ninnin.

The buildup to that rolecall was insane. It's also pretty cool instead of doing different names they went with Akaninger, they also kept Tsumonji's colors the same. I sort of wish Gramps had a golden head guard though or a hint of gold to match that color scheme but whatever.
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by msf232 »

takenoko wrote:
msf232 wrote:So that's why I thought my version is faulted because of the Zyuoh promo audio with no pictures.
And also, you have transliterated all the kanji on the shurikens till now, right? Then why is here 'Star' and 'Grandpa' instead of 'Hoshi' and 'Jii (or whatever it is)'?
Because he's Starninger not Hoshininger. If we wrote Hoshi and Jii, no one would know what that meant.
But you had written 'Ja/Evil' before. You could've done that, or you could've used \an8
And, there is 'Hoshi' written during the rollcall. Then why not in the other instance?
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by DaVinci030 »

"Hoshi" is also Star.

But I don't think I can change that in the rollcall. Besides, only two episodes left to finish the series.
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by Jetman »

It's not a bad episode on it's own, but I'm not happy with where the story's going. I agree with everything mholden020 said about it. I'll also add that I'm still really disappointed with Kyuuemon being reduced from the compelling and mysterious bad guy who was against everyone, and was always tricking and using the other characters, and who had a personal connection both to the Ninningers and to the Last Ninja and who was built up as the main enemy being reduced to just some lackey for a guy we don't know anything about and have barely seen. It also wrecks his relation with Yoshitaka since he was never really his student, never turned against him or went wrong but was just working for some bad guy the whole time. Which means that Yoshitaka learning to trust Kinji was pretty pointless too. I mean, whatever else Star might be, you could be pretty sure he's not secretly working for Gengetsu!

Bleh, I had high hopes and really want to like this show, but aside from Kinji's arc and a few good individual episodes it just never fails to be a complete letdown.
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by takenoko »

msf232 wrote:But you had written 'Ja/Evil' before. You could've done that, or you could've used \an8
And, there is 'Hoshi' written during the rollcall. Then why not in the other instance?
Oh okay. I guess I'm a bit inconsistent. Te-hee!

I really do feel like Evil and Star would have worked fine in those instances, looking back.
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by Eternal_Winterbane »

Like mostly everyone else i really enjoyed this episode, the fights were great, the story while having to recover from the terrible pacing we've had over the series was decent, Kyuuemon getting beat was believable as it's a clash of ideologies, with Kyuue believing in the traditional ways and the sentai team believing in a newer way which kinda reminds me of how the way of the samurai came to an end.

I honestly cheered when Tsumuji picked up the statue in the house as it's been bugging me since the first episode as it was that little detail that no one in the series acknowledged almost like a perception filter from Dr who.

The final role call was brilliant my only problem with it however was that gramps didn't get a outfit more fitting of his last ninja status, but i'm glad he didn't whip out another ninja Ichibantou for himself just to transform.

In the end I wish we didn't have to wait a week for the next episode
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by midorininger »

yeah i was sort of curious about how his transformation worked, then again if he is the sealing shuriken i suppose needing a tool to transform isnt necessary. but i guess [short] time will tell.

i think its okay that their shashes were different. but im curious why silver and gold?

im hoping next week we see Tsumuji pull off some awesome moves and show up the kids a little bit. or even combo with the others making their moves more effective.

oh and someone mentioned Shinkenger's finale. well, in that case he was REALLY weakened by Shinken Red Hime's sealing move. so they were able to beat him because he was powered down, but that was a result of team work, hence sentai format. (yes i had to think about it for a bit.)
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by Fat D »

All the best parts of this show, with none of the flaws. A perfect 5 from me.
Also, Shingetsu still uses "Izayoi-ryu ninpō" despite having discarded that name? And how does the whole "giving up humanity" thing tie into being Kibaoni Jr.?
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by Phoenix512 »

Izayoi is still a name for the style of attack that Kyuumeon used. You just don't easily replaced that name.
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by Rifaz »

That grampa/gengetsu battle was too Naruto-like, much explosions!

And I have to say the battle against Kyuuemon was very good, that Kyuuemon suit actor is impressive.
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Re: Ninninger 45 sanjou!

Post by Masked Rider »

Good thing we're not playing, "Every time someone says, 'Last Ninja,' take a whiskey shot." We'd be dead.
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