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Re: Ninninger 47 (Finale) sanjou!

Post by Hoshinger »

Zychotic wrote:Question, did Gengetsu actually achieve anything in this series? He was revived....built a castle, fought the Last Ninja, fought the 3 Akaninger Ninninger team, fought the Ninningers in giant form and was destroyed. However I don't recall him achieving anything in those fights. Kyuuemon defeated the Last Ninja and took the Finishing Shuriken. He also activated it to destroy the world and came close to defeating the Ninningers. Honestly, he could have done that even if Gengetsu wasn't revived. This is why I don't like the plots where they introduce/revive the "final boss" right at the end of the series. They just don't feel like they're the main enemy. For this season, it was easily Kyuuemon because he did so much work. Another comparison would be Enter who did all the work, and Messiah only appeared twice to be defeated both times. Enter and Kyuuemon were easily better villains than Messiah and Gengetsu.

On another point, they missed out on making Kyuuemon's "redemption" actually count. Once that green shuriken appeared, he should have used it to become Midoninger and help fight Gengetsu (and maybe even sacrifice himself to save the world). That would have been a great redemption.

For anyone who has seen info on the Ninninger Returns. They introduce Midoninger as a female character (played by Kyuuemon's voice actor). The only way this could ever be Kyuuemon is if he somehow revived as a female. Hence I'm just thinking this is some random fun thing they do in the Returns movies and Midoninger has no connection to Kyuuemon. Yup, let's waste the Midoninger shuriken on some random character we'll introduce in our comedic Returns film.
I agree that Gengestu didn't do anything. This series was hard to watch with all the unconventional ninjutsu and campiness. They should've given us an hour long finale to avoid an M. Night Shamylan fiasco.
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Re: Ninninger 47 (Finale) sanjou!

Post by zigmenthotep »

I'm pretty sure this is the first time a series finale has left me filled with such a profound sense of not caring. Looking back, Ninninger was amazingly unimpressive.
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Re: Ninninger 47 (Finale) sanjou!

Post by Jetman »

zigmenthotep wrote:I'm pretty sure this is the first time a series finale has left me filled with such a profound sense of not caring. Looking back, Ninninger was amazingly unimpressive.
I was going to write a big review, but that about sums it up.
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Re: Ninninger 47 (Finale) sanjou!

Post by Kurow »

I lked the final scene with Takaharu training his students but other than that it was not a great finale.

We know that they left the green shuriken and the green ninja for a movie.

Writing was the main problem for this series but the "ninja/shurikens" theme was a good idea.
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Re: Ninninger 47 (Finale) sanjou!

Post by midorininger »

yeah. the overall design wasnt bad. it was the writing.
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