Garo's picture quality

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Re: Garo's picture quality

Post by takenoko »

I own the DVDs, it's not as simple as that
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Re: Garo's picture quality


harpdevil wrote:Is it as simple as that? If you were working with new raws, do you still have all the timing queues and fonts and the script to just whack on the top and encode?
if anything theyll just do it again just to make sure the recorded timing and stuff is accurate , but yea i notice some dead pixels in some of the subs back when i watched it a few years back, one that sticks out most in my head is the ep where Rei first appears (ep 6 or something like that) so itll be cool if takenoko and crew re-does the show again ^^
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Re: Garo's picture quality

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I'd watch it again, I love Garo, and there seems to be interest for it from viewers and staff. Just relies on there being time for it I guess, TVN are already busy with tons of shows at the moment.
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