Garo Makai Senki 05 released

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 05 released

Post by shadowneko003 »

At first, I just thought they forgot to put away the prop, but maybe it is intentional. Freaky as hell though.
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 05 released

Post by Therm_Kitty »

It's foreshadowing the ending, when she finally makes her move after all that watching. The J-Horror genre does it so much that it's sickening, so I can't believe that it could be an accident.

I think people are forgetting that the original Garo had a lot of short suit fights too. The 99.9 second limit seems to still be in effect, despite toku time kicking in sometimes. I liked the plot with all the gates as well. There can't be that many in the city now that Kiba's stopped making them for his food supply, so maybe the Priests and Knights in the area are getting sloppy.

The Kaoru credits remind me of the scenes in Kuuga where they'll just focus on some trivial problem of a character completely unrelated to the Grongi plot. It serves to show that the world is not grimdark, that the fights are meant to make a world where Kaoru can play pajama solitaire and paint. Also, I wonder if her drawings are prophetic, non-canon or if she's getting plot ideas from Kouga when he comes home.
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 05 released

Post by kamenriderpower »

shadowneko003 wrote:Did anyone else notice this in Ep 5? It's at the 15:49.

[ Image ]
i saw that and thought it was so hillarious i was laughing all night, my wife thought i had lost my mind, my cat didnt even notice.

on a side note completely off topic ive been gone for so long b/c i joined the army and was in basic. im now stationed in germany and i got married last august!!!
glad to be back, just wanted to say hi!
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 05 released

Post by FangTrigger »

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