Garo Makai Senki 19 released

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 19 released

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That knight was Bado (sp?) iirc. I remember reading it somewhere, can't remember there.
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 19 released

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Saejima Kouga wrote: I missed that part. Where was that revealed for sure? And isn't she also in Red Requiem?
He says he's going to use the body for raw materials~

As to Mio, when I referred to her as a mute I didn't mean a literal mute, just that the character has no lines. Yes, it's because Leo and Sigma tuned her out, and Leo is probably an unreliable narrator. For instance, his statement that his brother was very kind. Well, if by kind you mean "talks to me and gives me scraps of attention." Leo has got some issues of his own
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 19 released

Post by dancercotillion »

Jyazen wrote:I think it was full CGI, all of it. There wasn't a scene at all with Roudo in "real" armor. I guess they did not make one just to save on the cost? XD
Yeah, there is no physical Roudo suit, or if there is, they haven't used it yet. Maybe it's not completely built.

Wasn't Garo itself entirely CG in Red Requiem? My memory suggests as much, but I'm unwilling to redownload and watch it again to check.

And man, Sigma is such a Japanese name, goddamn. :roll:
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 19 released

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Oh, siblings and problem with inheritance. Why it so reminds me of Fist of North Star?

From the clues they have thrown out at us, I will assume this:
1) Sigma is actually Murasaki. Since Leo has accepted his brother's superiority as a knight, he didn't make it into the camp. Murasaki did have a scar on his hand from sparring before the camp, so it was most probably from his father.
2) Sigma cheated death when Horror Raizo attacked the village with his escape technique.
3) Revenge for his teammates made him eager to be the knight, to the point he started to be more callous.
4) His father noticed that, so the title was passed to Leo instead. This, of course, angered Sigma to no end, for he was denied his vengeance.

Which, of course, brings up some other thoughts:
1) In episode 14, Wataru was given a seal by Sigma, but clearly enough, it has a different effect than the seal of destruction. It did start to corrupt him, but the effect also seemed to protect him from harm (His pursuers, and himself with a suicide attempt). I'm not even sure if Wataru is suffering the same fate as the other knights.
2) Supposed Sigma was Murasaki, how come Kouga didn't know he survived? Unless he got teleported away from the camp.
3) Due to them not using their actual name, both Sigma and Kouga do not know that they used to be teammates. Until one reveals his scar, I guess...
4) There is a possibility that Sigma did sneak into Kouga's household as Leo. That might be him handing the rigged tool to Jabi. Leo should have not approved such an act to be an accomplice.
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