Garo Makai Senki 22 released

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 22 released

Post by Catastrophe »

The lack of Tsubasa and dynamic entry flying surfing spear saddens me. I hope this occurs again before the series ends. Seeing Wataru was nice however.

Also, I could see this Ganon reviving thing happening from a mile away. I mean, most horrors violently explode and don't leave any corpse behind. And also, the kanji in the introduction might have said Ganon, but all I could think of was Bandora.
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 22 released

Post by chronoxiong »

This episode was action packed and very CGI heavy. I was surprised as it looked like it was film on the green screen for the entire time. I liked the teamwork of the girl team Jabi, Rekka, and Kaoru. Jabi and Rekka had a tough time fighting that one chick but I was glad they were able to defeat her. I thought the random boob grabbing was weird. At least Kaoru wasn't the only female actress of the show to get her boob grabbed. Lol...I also liked the scene of Kaoru showing Kouga the book too. I've always wanted to see the pages in the book and we still haven't seen the last page. What was in the last page? Lastly, Ganon is a weird looking chick.
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 22 released


Kinda sucks they made Ganon a humanoid horror like Messiah. I know its to draw parallelism to the original show since it is the Fang of the Messiah, but i think it would have been cool to see it look similar to it's corpse form instead....just my opinion...

Other than that not bad an episode. Hopefully Tsubasa arrives so we can have 5 Knights fighting (and make their own sentai XD).
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 22 released

Post by Irish Ranger »

It's a shame Tsbuasa didn't get at least one solo episode like Rei but his actor was probably too busy. Weren't the cast filming the show in their free time?
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 22 released

Post by m4rc0 »

Nice to see Wataru. I hope Tsubasa makes it to the final battle.

The guys were kinda just taking care of the small fry. The girls had the main fight with sekuhara butterfly lady. And it was good, though a little slow.

Sigma, that's why you don't mess with dead strong horrors. Leo could've tried to save his brother. But Kouga will.

I guess the producers liked alchemist Gara from OOO and decided to make Ganon similar.

I guess Gajari's pact won't affect the end of this season. I hope so. Then they'll have a reason to do a new movie or season. Or both.
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