Garo CM Pack 02

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Garo CM Pack 02

Post by XIII »

A small CM pack from a couple of transport streams I found for the show,

One thing I will say is they did love that switch on CM that was in the first CM pack, they used it about 10 times over the course of the 3 files I found, I guess late night advertising is kinda slow and repeditive at times

So enjoy some more random CM's from the place of randomness
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Re: Garo CM Pack 02

Post by takenoko »

A bunch of Garo commercials. I liked the random other stuff we found too. Guess the Switch commercial was just filler, since it aired at every break (twice in a row!). Jam Project was a sensible commercial to air during Garo too.

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Re: Garo CM Pack 02

Post by Masked Rider »

I love love love Aya Ueto!
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Re: Garo CM Pack 02

Post by JustiFan »

That one with the dog was just... I have no earthly idea whatsoever what that was supposed to be advertising! :?
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