Garo Makai Senki 01

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by Felixman » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:11 pm

Long time watcher of your dubs (I've been with you guys since Kiva) but this is my first post.

First, to set the record straight, HURRAY! GARO! I'm thrilled to see it back.

That said, I take issue with some of this.

1 - Why is there suddenly a castle? One of the awesome things about GARO was how they seamlessly hid their work into our world. Fake walls and enchanted mansions and hidden mountain retreats... and now a giant castle surrounded by a wall? That seems... uncalled for.

2 - A council... of one? I didn't even see other... hologram things or chairs. Odd, but this one will probably be cleared up soon.

3 - As others have mentioned, since when do we care about a Horror's backstory? Admitedly, it WAS interesting to see, but we can't empathise with them so why bother?

4 - I love asian boobs as much as most men who download this work. I'm cool with what is clearly a gang leader of some kind playing with his date/hooker while watching someone get killed. Did not need to spend that much time on it.

5 - FINALLY... why is being moved to the senate supposed to be a big deal for Kouga? He is already GARO, the Golden Knight, the publically announced strongest Makai Knight. It was a CONSTANT point in the first series. Now, promoting Kouga to a desk job, or even training duty, THAT would have made for an interesting change in what the character does.

All that said... thanks for subbing the episode and I look forward to more!

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by m4rc0 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:27 pm

Man, that's what I call starting the episode with a bang!

Is it just me or Kouga's time limit is bigger? There are no more little daggers after the horrors are defeated... Maybe because Kouga killed the soul...

So we have a human (woman? guy wearing lipstick?) that put a seal of destruction on Kouga, a crisis in the Makai Knights, a new Makai Knight organization and we'll see the knight of the north soon. A lot for a 1st ep. I guess not having to introduce characters really gives you a lot of time to progress.

Awesome action, awesome adult subplot, good kaijin design and good music.

It's the garo I wanted to watch after all.

I just hope this time they write a more mature main plot, because the main plot of the 1st series was too shounen for a mature toku.

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by Catastrophe » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:42 pm

The Daggers don't appear until the the blade is purified. Remember how the soul of the guy went into his sword at the end? Usually he'd then go to the watchdogs place and put the sword in the mouth of the dog statue, which would make the horror blade (see episode 2 of the first series).

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by Alessar » Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:08 pm

Felixman wrote:and now a giant castle surrounded by a wall? That seems... uncalled for.

2 - A council... of one?
First I'm pretty sure that castle exists in another dimension. Ker Ber and Ros were supposed to be living in a castle, we just only saw that one dark room. But you know, I'm rather happy to see a big white cathedral-esque castle instead of some run-down keep sitting on a sewer hole to the netherworld.

I think what's going on is that the leader of all the watchers has pulled him from being a regional knight to being a special exec operative. No more guarding his city, he's going to go all around Japan and deal with the special problems. Also this lets them send him to go see Zero, Dan, that hussy from the movie, etc. It seems that they don't always have someone doing that job ... but when the right person appears they do.

I think that the Senate is probably all the watchers combined. Grace is probably the Senate Majority Leader. Considering the arrogance and corruption displayed by the Watchers up to now, I don't really want to see that convocation. But, we probably will by the end of the season.

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by Guardian07 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:14 pm

On the whole, I enjoyed it.

I phased out a bit at the beginning during the 'torture' thing and as much as I liked breasts, I think there's too much in this episode. Though I understand it's a statement of "This is a more adult show", and I think, like Cutie Honey The Live and the first GARO series, it's something for the first episode and some episodes after that(I certainly hope it is XP).

I really liked the fight scenes here, not as fast as the first series, but....better? I think more grounded is a good way of explaining it.

I only recognized the Horror dude when he had been possessed. IT'S FREAKING STRESSEMANN!! :shock: :shock: :shock: That's what you get for smoking too much >.<!!

At first, I thought the first scenes was unnecessary, but I think the real purpose of them was to put a question to the audience; were the yakuzas in the first scenes really worth protecting? I mean, they're all evil, evil bastards. They torment people and kill them horribly, and there was no need to kill the bald guy in the first place; the boss was just fucking with him and want him dead for no apparent reason. Plus, he had a total slut with him, so he's really 'rotten to the core', right? So isn't it just common sense to just let the Horror kill them all off and save all the lives they could have killed?

Granted, it could have been done better(and shorter) but I love that they went there in the very first episode. I also really like Kouga's answer; There's no people that are unnecessary. That's GARO for you.

I also love that they put a little subtext in the episode; smoking is bad. Awesome guys like Kouga don't smoke. Smoking kills. Literally(and it really does, anyway. Only slower, and much more painful).
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by dancercotillion » Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:19 am

Jeeeeesus. That was about as Garo as it gets, and much darker than before. I actually really liked seeing how the lighter became suffused with inga, and the moment where Anan sold his soul to the Horror was freaky, like Silent Hill freaky. I was a little confused when Cigarein turned out to be Barizorg, though.

I was expecting the Red Requiem gimmick of all-CG Garo suit to return, but no, the actual costume appeared finally. I'm looking forward to Kouga roaming Japan and meeting some of the other Makai Knights, or however this series will work, and seeing new armour designs. I thought the priestly one from the first movie was really slick, and it looks like there's a new knight floating about in the opening for this series, too.

I liked how Kouga and Kaoru both said the same thing. :3

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by KR_FIA » Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:32 am

I think Guardian hit the spot in the first part of the episode. Sure, it could be substituted with those guys dragging Anan to an alley and beating him up, but I believe showing how they treated a traitor (Well, Anan was going to run away with their money in cup noodles) to solidify his desperation to ask Cigarein for help. Yea, those boobs can be distracting, but I'll just consider them... decorations.

Overall, yay, Gonza and Kaoru! After all these years.

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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by HIDragonstar » Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:39 pm


Definitely enjoyed the first episode! I didn't mind Kouga coming in late, I was to excited that I managed to see Gonza and Kaoru the whole time. I actually kinda liked the way they reintroduced him. Although, being a knight for the Senate... I'm not sure he's going to be a 'special ops' or he's mostly the big bad guard now. I wonder if its something like an elite guard.

Seems like Miki Hijii (Kaoru) aged a bit in between seasons. Still, she does look beautiful as ever. I was just so excited seeing her and Gonza chatting. I guess she isn't staying in the mansion this season... well for now... I do hope they play up the romance this season.

I didn't recognize this week's Horror until his 'change'. I know him as 'Monsieur Robert' from Kami no Shizuku, or Les Goutes de Dieu. Soon as his voice changed, I recognized him. Too bad he had to die, I did like his acting in Kami no Shizuku.

I didn't mind the boobies, but then again I like them lots. Was a bit gratuitous, still nothing that I wouldn't complain about. If we see another set, then I have to worry about it. I hope its just like everyone says, its the first episodes and set's the tone.

I do like that a long reaching plot is started in the first episode. The first season was a pretty slow unfolding.

Now if we can only see Rei soon....
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Re: Garo Makai Senki 01

Post by tenryuta » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:10 pm

i think the eye candy girl is anri okita.

and anan(?) from nodame cantobile

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