Random Yami wo Terasu Mono Questions

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Random Yami wo Terasu Mono Questions

Post by FudgeNuggetPug »

To be honest, I like Garo and the Makai Senki. So when I heard that YwTM was coming out, I was pretty hyped up about it.

The show was a complete spin-off (just like Prometheus) to me with some references to the Garo storyline. I mean like, "How is Ryuga related to Kouga?" questions was asked by my friends to the point of them raging against YwTM.

So I wanted to ask: Is the title of the Golden Knight Garo not a family heritage/legacy thing? and it was based on certain people that was chosen to be Garo? (Like Rei becoming Zero despite not being the biological son and how Ryuga was "chosen" to be Garo)

Or can anyone be a Golden Knight for a duration of time? (Like at the end of YwTM, the other two suddenly becomes gold)

and finally, If it was not a spin-off, how does it fit into the storyline? If it wasn't I would say that either it was in the future (because of the "futuristic" city aspect) or maybe its a prologue before the Saejima family.

Maybe I am overthinking this but~ what do you guys think?
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Re: Random Yami wo Terasu Mono Questions

Post by Lunagel »

For the first - The title of "Garo" is given to the strongest Makai Knight. It seems to run in the Saejima family, as we've seen with Kouga's father Taiga, Kouga and now his son, Raiga. However, it does appear that anyone can inherit the Garo title as long as they prove themselves worthy, as seen with YwTM

The "golden for a duration of time" is unknown because it's something that only happened in YwTM and has not appeared before or since. Personally I think the director just thought it looked cool since we were given no explanation as to why it happened.

As to how YwTM fits into the storyline... god only knows. It's most likely set in the future, given all the events that happened. It's not exactly a spin-off but it doesn't really take place in the Garo canon either. It's unlikely it's a "before" story. Given the naming sequence of "Taiga, Kouga, Raiga, Ryuuga" it's probable they're trying to suggest that Ryuuga is a descendant of Kouga but we haven't seen any evidence either way.

All in all, it's probably best to think of YwTM as a spin-off because it just brings up too many incongruities with the original series, such as the lack of a time limit.
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