TF Headmasters 25 released

The further adventures of Daniel and Wheelie
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TF Headmasters 25 released

Post by takenoko »

LOL, fat Galvatron
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Save the life
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Re: TF Headmasters 25 released

Post by lonegamer7 »

You'd think he'd take after Unicron's design on being a transformable planet... X3
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Re: TF Headmasters 25 released

Post by Liger Megatron »

Great job as always Take & Team:-)

We're really on a good thing lately with TV-Nihon TF releases :D

Keep 'em coming :D

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Re: TF Headmasters 25 released

Post by Protoman »

Poor Steeljaw was crying in today's episode......... awww.....

Well Galvatron is on ice (litterally) for awhile now, so Scorp is going to that the helm till the end.
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Re: TF Headmasters 25 released

Post by Triple M »

It kind of sucks that Galvatron went out like that, but what can you do. He's no Deszaras
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